Mona Haydar’s “Hijabi” is a rap anthem for women who wear headscarves

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In before some dude starts talking about how the hijab is oppressive!


Some kick-ass dancing and flowing.


OK, I’ll play.

Cause nothing says “pro-women” more eloquently than proudly wearing the face mask a billion husbands force their wives to wear upon pain of being righteously beaten, or having acid thrown in their face, or just plain put to death exactly as the Good Book says. How could that possibly be oppressive - everybody is doing it, right?


You’re confusing the hijab with a niqab and/or burqa.


You’re confusing your mansplaining with any of us giving a shit about your knee-jerk opinions.


Like it matters to either side of the argument? I’ve never met anyone who says they support the hijab, but not the niqab or the burqa for that matter.

So far, NOBODY here has a rational argument for why oppressive anti-woman clothing which women are FORCED to wear by 99.9% of the Muslim world is not oppressive.

I’ll wait breathlessly for the “It’s her choice” arguments, and the religious freedom arguments, and then I’ll remind the folks who can’t seem to recall that there is NO choice involved if coercion is present. And that religious oppression is protected… BUT it is STILL oppression guys. The Bible was used all the time to justify keeping shackles on women.

Do you think forcing women who live in those belief systems to remove their coverings is somehow better?


Yes… all Muslim men are overbearing oppressive assholes who force their wives, daughters, sisters, etc to wear hijab. All of them. Gosh. Good thing you’re hear to tell me how horrible Muslim men are. Muslim women, moreover, have no agency and never make these choices for themselves, not here, in America, in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or south East Asia… To a person, they are walking stereotypes.

And all Christian men and women are entirely virtuous, independent, self-starting superheroes of righteousness.


You’ve talked to many Muslim women about this?



Of course, because white people are once again saving those poor benighted brown people, especially the women, from themselves.


Well, how can he talk Muslim women, all in some form of purdah!? It’s impossible, because he’ll be suicide-bombed by their men…


I think fighting for their emancipation is a good thing. And that means I will object to the glorification of the symbol of their oppression. And for the life of me, I can not see how any rational man who had a scintilla of empathy would promote the hijab as “pro-women”. That is disgusting to me.

Pro-hijab, anti-hijab, doesn’t matter. It’s still a bunch of authoritarians telling women how to dress properly.

Maybe you should be going after the men forcing women to wear the hijab rather than trying to ban it for everyone.


Ah, I see. So I am a racist for saying the hijab is anti-woman?!?

That the fact that Islamic women did NOT wear the hijab in the much of the Middle East until Islam became more radicalized is irrelevant - that it is just a cool new custom that 99.9999% of the women enjoy now? A fashion statement?

Because according to you, evidently, silly brown Muslim women LOVE wearing hijab and niqab and burqa so much they just can’t get enough of it. Because they are silly. And brown. And Muslim.

Uh… who is the racist here, again?

I’ve met many women who choose to wear the hijab and who speak positively about it. I’ve seen many women wearing niqabs and burqas, but haven’t talked to any of them, and suspect it’s a very different thing.


I might not agree with a woman’s reasons for wearing a hijab, no matter what they are, but I think it should be a choice. Dictating to them what they should wear is not my place, weird, and highly ironic.


It’s an expression of modesty. Now I think the niqab and burqa take it to an extreme by reducing women to what I see as amorphous blobs but then again I haven’t talked to many women that wear these garbs to hear what they think of them.

As far as modesty garbs go the headscarf really isn’t extreme in the slightest. Do you think Mormons, Mennonites, Orthodox Jews, or other groups where modesty is an important virtue should be condemned as well?


That’s pretty much a lie. Many Muslim majority countries do not have laws on the books forcing women to wear a hijab or niqab. Just like the rest of the world, the Muslim world exists with gradients of force and oppression. Women exist under various forms of patriarchal oppression the world over, regardless of religion, race, or type of economic or political system. It’s pretty universal and not unique to the Muslim majority places.

Maybe instead of taking your talking points from fox news or breitbart, go read books about and by Muslims, especially Muslim women, to get a better understanding of the nuances of their lives and their faith. Educate yourself a bit, maybe even talk to Muslims and actually listen to them about their lives and what it’s like.