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You’d think Bill Gates could afford a better car.


Yeah, cute, but a bit late to the party. People have been putting this license plate on cars since at least the mid-1990s. About the time the finally got tired of putting “IML8” on their previous VW model.

I’ve never seen it, so I got a chuckle. Guess I’m not as much of a hipster as thou art.


Only works from an Ameri-centric viewpoint.
They’re called Beetles in the rest of the world.

There was a terrifying 3 wheeler, like a trike with a body, in the UK called the Bond Bug. There are still a few left, though the production run was probably only a ten thousandth of the VW.

There are other viewpoints? Since when?


I worry about how they are ever going to pay off the technical debt on that ‘feature.’

Cousin to the Reliant Robin?

(Yes, we have Top Gear over here)

This guy is in trouble if he drives to London…

And did someone say it runs on a retrofitted electric engine built with free-licensed kit components? (Yes, in my imagination.)

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That just sounds odd…
“Make sure that you file a detailed Beetle report on that software problem”
Fureners sure are strange.


It used an engine sourced from Reliant. (The Reliant engine was a quite a nice little unit, better than the rubbish Morris A-type found in Minis, and was largely aluminum.)
There was, I believe, a version with the Coventry Climax pump engine that was adapted to power a number of small sports and racing cars and a production car - the Hillman Imp. The FWA engine was so light that it could be removed from the Imp without jacking. The bug version had enormous acceleration in a straight line but became unstable before reaching top speed. I once saw one of these engines in an original Fiat 500 - it would out-accelerate a straight-6 Jaguar up to 60mph or thereabouts.

Meanwhile, the US was building V8 monsters out of cheap steel and cast iron. But you had the oil, and we had the war debts.


A bug for your perusal

The Robin did at least have a reverse gear.


It’s you lot who’re the foreigners.

A few thoughts:

  1. They’re actually called VW Beetles here too. “Bug” is a less formal nickname.
  2. How many viewpoints does a California license plate pun HAVE to work from?
  3. Behold the third-highest grossing movie of 1968 (I guess international audiences didn’t mind the title):


Atleast I spared people the horror…not the thing you want to see on a Monday morning before you’ve had your coffee.

Not meaning to to be the pedantiest pedant in pedantville, but movie titles do get translated to other languages. Unless your idea of “international” is UK+Australia.

And in the same vein…

As well as frogs, turtles, ladybugs and even some non-fauna nicknames. This has to be the car with most international nicknames ever.

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A few replies:

  1. I did not know that.
  2. The license plate pun ONLY works from one viewpoint. On a blog with an international audience it hardly works at all.
  3. Behold the international titles of the1968 movie.