Not a bug

Interesting list. So there are no countries where English is the primary language that found the title confusing enough to change it. I’m not sure that supports your point as well as you imply.

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Perhaps the titles weren’t confusing enough for English speaking countries to change it, but it seems the name of the car was to Americans.
Perhaps they’re just more easily confused.

I’ll see your geocentric reference and raise you a generational one:

I was driving in L.A. not so recently, and I had a good chuckle at a bumper sticker on a Rolls Royce. It said:

My other car is a Volkswagen.

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It’s just as well he had a reliable car for when he really needed it.

True story; when Ilived in London someone I knew inherited rather a lot of money. So he bought a Rolls-Royce. He asked his wife if she wanted one too and she said no, she wanted a Honda Civic.
After a year that Royce had spent months in the garage being fixed and the little Honda just went like a train. When they sold it for a new one at 40000 miles it had only ever had routine maintenance. The Royce continued to be a PITA but of course was more or less unsaleable without a huge loss.
Years later I told this story to an ex-director of Rolls-royce cars. He nodded and said “That sort of thing is one reason I left.”


Just yesterday, I saw a vintage convertible Bug with the license plate ‘BUG’

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Actually, in France, they’re called “Coccinelles”. Litt. “ladybug”.

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