Not for racist online comments but

The downside of confidential settlement agreements is that they are confidential, so you and I never know how often they happen.

The upside of confidential settlement agreeements is that they allow company leaders to see exactly how much extra it costs to employ assholes.


Let’s sidebar this discussion.



Which is algothan for the good comment.

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Wet work maybe.

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For ‘cleaning toilets’ values of wet work, maybe.


Can’t we just send them back to grown-up school and give all the jobs to people who can behave like adults until we run out of them?


WTF! Is this still on the go?

Wouldn’t a hate-filled misogynist spewing ignorance and barely veiled threats have just as much of a chance to sue their employer for wrongful dismissal as an LGBT person who had been fired for being who they were?

I understand the argument about employers having too much leeway in determining who gets fired and can very much muddy the waters around their motivations, or even straight-up lie through their teeth about it, but the counter-example in this case would be an employer stating that the employee was fired specifically because they were LGBT.

As far as I’m aware, firing someone after it is brought to your attention that they have been attacking and threatening someone, and then letting it be publicly known that their dismissal is as a result of that is very different than shrugging your shoulders and squeaking “just because”.

Sure, there is a linked issue of employee rights tangential to this discussion but to assume it is central to the topic is disingenuous and perhaps a sly attempt to shift the goalposts because dealing with the actual instance bears down somewhat on one’s flimsily shored-up ethical periphery.



Sagan compliment is best compliment!

ach! AS a result of… not 'of a result of… sheesh. corrected.



Nice straw man since that isn’t what I said.

Feel free to make hypothetical arguments without pretending that I or anyone else here said these things.

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So you didn’t make it explicitly clear that you don’t believe that people’s harassment of other people, if not illegal, should not impact their current employment?

That makes at least one entire conversation somewhat baffling. But feel free to clarify! I’m intrigued!


I’m not engaging in more bullshit back and forth with you on this issue.

I simply pointed out that your quip about what I said or what I meant was…well…bullshit. You go do whatever you want. Don’t claim to speak for me and don’t “summarize” what I said by making up your own words and attributing them to me. I’m not your straw man to prop up in order to pretend you’re having an argument or discussion with others when you’re just pontificating your own opinions.

You could just say ‘no’, ‘yes’, or clarify what you said then. That’d be less words.

Besides, we do have the actual history of the words you used in conversations here, they don’t just go away because a conversation has scrolled away, do they?

I was merely pointing out that your firm and vehement adherence to a specific stance in this particular subject matter doesn’t really qualify you to declare ‘discussion over’ while other people are having more nuanced discussions. Heck, did you contribute anything to this thread other than to chime in with ‘Abandon Thread’?

It’s cute that you think your super-duper important and such, but honestly sometimes it seems like your emotions take over for you here.

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Did someone order napalm? Cause I gots napalm. And I can burn this thread down.

It is clear that the position @enso and I have is deeply unpopular. So lets do what we do in real life, order a wine spritzer and show each other cat videos.


I wouldn’t say ‘deeply’, but I won’t deny disagreeing with it. I only was responding in-kind in the earlier thread to attacks on the concept of civil behavior, I still get that there’s room for nuanced discussion!

Can you share the cat videos? Do we have a thread already for that?

Actually I kinda take that back, I’m gonna go find more misandry gifs.

Don’t mention my name or put words in my mouth and you won’t have to worry about it, will you? I already have notifications turned off for you so I only randomly noticed that you were pretending to speak for me. Just stop.

Your summarization does not reflect my position. I’m not going to elaborate on it because I really don’t think it is worth the effort. I simply object to you giving your own opinions of what people said as fact and then attributing it to them. I didn’t say what you said. Don’t say I said things that I didn’t say (which is why it is a straw man) and then argue about them/around them. If you want to REALLY go puzzle it out, go read what I said and think about how it differs from what YOU are saying I said, because there is a difference.

Even better, don’t refer to me. Just speak for yourself.

Continuing the discussion from Racist fracking aficionado fired after video posted to YouTube:

(for any perusing the thread, you’ll note that pretty much every comment I made clearly specified the harassment of other individuals and not just ‘unpopular opinions’, just to avoid that slippery slope.)

The fun thing about text forums is history and stuff.

Then don’t post things on a public forum that it’s possible somebody else would disagree with. You’re making this really hard on yourself.

I mean, dude, you can disagree all you want…and heck, sometimes you’re right or I end up coming around (and I’ve said so), but this whole ‘RAWR! I’m angry and right and will cling to this opinion and belittle anybody who disagrees’ bit gets kind of old. It’s not like you don’t bring up other people in conversation here (in deliberately disparaging ways, I might add), so let’s not try to stake out the moral high ground.

Seriously though, just chill out. If you can’t handle being disagreed with then you’re going to have a bad time.