Not Playing Podcast 003: the wild, wonderful world of Weird Al’s 1989 cult hit, UHF


A fun movie, funner the younger you were when you first saw it, but worth a watch. As they mention, the ad for Spatula City is the finest moment.

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Listening to them list the movies that came out around the same time as UHF really tickles me because, aside from Batman, UHF was the only one I saw in the theater. All the others–When Harry Met Sally, Ghostbusters II, Lethal Weapon 2–I wouldn’t see until they came out on video.

And UHF bombed at least in part because of what it was competing against, although I think there were other reasons.

Interestingly enough, of their examples the only film that opened the same week as UHF was When Harry Met Sally. The rest of the films mentioned had opened weeks before. WHMS was an R rated adult comedy, UHF was much more all age friendly.

The main reason it bombed was the juggernaut of Batman and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


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The Spouse has long held that, just as we used to (still do, but you know what I mean) have Rocky Horror audience participation midnight movies, we need to have the same for UHF. Everyone shows up with Twinkie Wiener Sandwich fixin’s, in costumes, shouts along with “YOU SO STUPID!” - I think this NEEDS to happen.

(I want the same for Buckaroo Banzai, for that matter.)



I still think Kentucky Fried Movie was the best instance of that genre I’ve seen…

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