Notifications are hard for colorblind to read

The pop-up on the notification icon next to the user name has a dark red and orange text against a black background. I don’t know about other colorblind people, but I can barely read the red one. Highlighting it makes it worse.


In black and white:

The green one is PMs (private messages), but if you are colorblind you could certainly learn that “the one on the left” is the PM one, just like traffic lights have certain orders (green/go on top, stop/red on bottom).

Oh wait you mean the links?

In color blind mode:

Yeah I could see that being an issue. @awesomerobot ?

I could definitely see how that would be an issue!

I can fix this tonight. I’ll probably ditch the red-on-black for the higher contrast white-on-black.

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Thanks! So much better.

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Any chance we can have actual white instead of the grey? or white for names and icons like in the colourblind screenshot codinghorror posted, but still a brighter grey for “body” text?

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Well on my screen, the grey stuff in notifications means I’ve read it already. So you want three levels of grey there?

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