You can now select a dark color theme


We just added a feature to allow user-selectable color themes in Discourse, courtesy of @sam.

I’ve enabled this here with an alternate dark theme, which looks like

To select it, visit your user preferences:

Scroll to the bottom, and select the theme there to enable it on your current device.

Transparency - changes to the BBS


RIP Charlie. You were a hell of a brother.


Me likey very much.


Wow, I’m actually a big fan of this. Notifications, unread counts, etc. really pop with the dark theme!


if you like, you can create more themes for people to choose from in the admin area, though I find that dark and light usually suffice for 99% of people.

A lot of people prefer a dark theme though (maybe 10-20% of folks overall?), so we bumped user-selectable themes in our roadmap to this release (1.8). :dark_sunglasses:


Clever way to counter the people who changed their avatars to white circles.


Beat me by two minutes!


Doesn’t seem to be a thing on the mobile version?

…Okay, found it after a refresh. Sweet!


If you are intent on a blank avatar, make it transparent, not white.


Was just going to suggest that. (mine, @M_M’s, and a couple of others already are.)


Hmm. Generally, I’m a fan of white text on a dark background, but something isn’t resonating for me here.

Apart from what may just be unfamiliarity, there are a few things that should be tweaked:

  • Title text/icons are now medium-gray on slightly-darker-gray. Maybe a bit more contrast?:

  • And while the areas where the light blue is thick “pop” like you say, where they’re thin, they take a lot of effort to read:

    (See the “cancel” and “You can now select” etc. in that image)

ETA: I think part of what’s bothering me is that, while the subtle blue highlighting of a post appearing looks awesome against a white background, it just doesn’t look quite right as a dark-gray-blue fading to dark-gray.


This is really great, it feels so much better to look at a dark page. Thank you!



Dude seriously thank you.


And for those who just made them partly transparent so something was still visible, they’ll vanish completely. :wink:


The dark theme is very awesome.


Still holding out for that all white theme though!

This was a real thing for about 120 seconds and I did not make it up!


Will this be an option for the mobile version as well?


To be clear this has been in the works for a long while, so it is definitely not a reaction to white avatars. Though transparency is always a good thing, wouldn’t you say, in all matters? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is unique per device so it should work on any device mobile or otherwise, I am not aware of any limitations.

That is to say you could select dark on mobile and light on desktop and I dunno bone white on laptop.


I requested the desktop page, changed theme, and it seems to have stuck, moving back to the mobile version. Logged out, cleared cookies, and it still is dark. That may be the trick.


If you “aren’t seeing it” you should reload the web page, refresh the page, etc.


The title text (thread title and thread catagory’ in the header bar is a smidge too dark. I mean I can read it but it’s one of those ‘could it be a couple shades lighter please’ things given vision issues.

Again, the dark theme itself is very nice on my eyes. Thanks for finally getting this done.