Year zero on BBS style


Based on this, I declared year zero on BBS styles and reset to defaults – I removed all the custom CSS we had before.

Most of it was largely unnecessary anyway and predated our easier color customization tools at Admin, Customize, Colors.

I did keep the black topnav for now, but feel free to tweak as desired @beschizza and I can assist.

You can now select a dark color theme

I kinda liked the all wight, I mean all white top nav, it really tied the room together.

And it’s kinda grey now.

Yes, I keep many, many BBS tabs open at once.

And my avatar doesn’t blend seemlessly into the background anymore. Oh woe is me! :sob:

Compared to the pretty funkalicious all white top nav:

oops, nearly gave the game away

Here, a non-redacted version, I think it’s pretty awesomez.


It’s totally up to @beschizza – I just didn’t want to scare folks with a sudden change to white topnav.


topnav is even moar metal than befoar


80’s “Mega Man X” or “Transformers” metal to be exact.




far beyond metal, perhaps?


Year zero? More like year One nine eight zero.


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