Yeah, I changed it because while “wrath” worked well for the posts it contains, “dizzy” was pretty nondescriptive. :slight_smile:

Transparency - changes to the BBS

The odd names were from a time when I absolutely 100% was planning to have BBS use a monospace font, light on dark, to resemble a real BBS from the olden days. So all the categories had five characters, for visual uniformity. “Dizzy” seemed good because it’s what happens when you boing around



Where is this magical place?


Well, it’s possible now with selectable themes thanks to @codinghorror and @sam

#7 … just putting this out there…


That is pure freaking awesome… this needs to be an available theme.


That is freaking amazing.


That’s basically it lol. Excellent work Sam!


Whenever I see this typeface I always head right to the inspector to see if it’s More Perfect VGA or Less Perfect VGA, so I know whether I’m dealing with a nerd or a geek. :smiley:


Well, if you want that old-school fix,
Monochrome is still up and running - while the website provides users with a browser terminal client for ease-of-access, optimal use still involves cracking open your favourite ANSI-capable terminal software and SSH-ing in directly, and thus use whichever fixed-width font you prefer.
But I digress. Again. :innocent:

Pretty sure Telnet access is deprecated nowadays, mind. (and it’s been decades since you were able to PAD in - hang on, there’s some danged kids on the lawn again… )


Egad, that sounded like advertising blurb - I know I was on a train and distracted, but still, absolutely no sales pitch intended or should be taken :slight_smile:

(Not even still active there, but glad it still lives)


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