Notorious Russian hacker on vacation nabbed by US agents


I hope to Dobbs that he is connected with the assholes that made CryptoWall.

I also hope he can never again find a pair of shoes that fit properly, and that his shirts always itch.

Fancy cars? He rips off a million credit cards and he buys a Dodge? Bali, I can see. Bali is nice. But a Dodge?


It is a Dodge in Russia, though. so there’s at least that. And I’m sure we all know that in Russia, Dodges…

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…drive you?

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Nobody has a problem with the US arresting/kidnapping a foreign national outside of the US? What if it was the other way around and Russia arrested a “notorious capitalist”.


If I had to guess, Russia would be happy to have as many “notorious capitalist[s]” as it could cram into its borders. Regardless of that, being a “notorious capitalist” isn’t illegal in Russia, but I take your point–the whole thing plays nicely into our antagonistic relationship with same. At the very least, the Secret Service did issue an arrest warrant (or the Interpol “red notice”) prior to taking him into custody.
Frankly, the whole thing smacks of a poke in Russia’s eye with bonus of catching someone they say is a criminal.

Don’t they call it “oligarch”?

Or, The Folks We’re Not Arresting Because They’re Keeping Us Afloat and Otherwise the KGB the Russian Gov’t Comrade Putin Foreign Elements in Russia Might Kill Them Because Reasons.

Isn’t what the US did straight up kidnapping? He was in Thailand, not a US territory, and there was no interpole involement.

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