Nova Scotia premier won't apologise for libeling teen who discovered massive data breach


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Fellow Nova Scotian with similar outlook as premier.


[It was ] downloaded off a site, information that was private information of individuals, onto a device.

Like the words of his statement; which were stolen by the microphone he was speaking into, fenced by the CBC, taken across the border by international criminal syndicate BoingBoing, and now reside on the device upon which I am reading them? I guess I’m once again involved in a wide-ranging transnational criminal conspiracy.


Doesn’t it make you feel a lot better knowing that the US doesn’t have a monopoly on assholes?


What gets me, is that someone cared enough about access to those documents to be paying attention to whether they were copied, and to notice and do something about it when they were.

That means that leaving them in a public, unsecured directory was not an oversight. It was a deliberate decision.


Premier McNeil is such a douche. Unfortunately, politicians are frequently scum regardless of nationality.


Aaaaaaand just to reiterate: not me.


Isn’t that exactly what this mcneil would say, though? :wink:


They should probably put all of their documents that they want to keep private in a folder marked “PORN”. Then no one would go near it.


“[It was ] downloaded off a site, information that was private information of individuals, onto a device.”

I guess stating the obvious and already known is meant to double for shocking/alarming news?


So he’s not refusing to apologize for calling the kid a thief. He’s refusing to admit that he called the kid a thief.


Just as a social experiment, this has its merits.

I have a folder on my personal desktop called “Likely porn” just to see who will click into it or comment on it and what I can learn about them from that. It only has misc documents in it so I’m sure it confuses their perception of me too.


How exactly are those documents formatted? Asking for a friend.


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