Now you can send shout-outs from Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, to people you know

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Paul Reubens is a legend.

I’ve seen a few of these done by Gilbert Gottfried, as well, and he has a lot of fun with them.


Christmas gift to my mother and sister sorted.


man, even Santa is getting in on this action.

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Reubens is a solid get, but for my money, you can’t beat David Krumholtz @ $20 for value:


Holy hell, I just noticed that John McAfee is doing Cameos for $20 too:

Are they contractually obligated to say what you write if you pay the $20? Can we get McAfee to read “I once shot a man dead in Belize” just to see what happens.


Please find out and report back!


I’m happy.

I’m curious how the pricing works - is it purely up to the talent, or does Cameo offer a suggestion based on whatever data they might be looking at? I’m sure the individuals have final say, (evidence) so maybe this is one metric as to how these people see themselves. Or not. :man_shrugging:

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Q: Am I guaranteed that the talent I select will make my requested CAMEO™ video?

A: We make it our top priority that every customer receives their appropriately ordered CAMEO video. While we try to make sure that all requested CAMEO videos are completed, it is possible that your request could expire after seven days. Just a heads-up, all talent has the option to accept or decline any request that comes through.


Holy shit, they’ve got Tomi Lahren! It’s almost worth $70 just to see what level of batshit crazy crap you could get her to say.

Of course, just about everything coming out of her mouth is completely batshit crazy already.

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