Cameo Super Star: Santos, celebrating with Boebert, buys an entire restaurant dinner

Originally published at: Santos is throwing his Cameo earnings around

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  1. I hope this isn’t really true.
  2. What is Cameo?

It’s an online platform where you can pay Snoop Dogg to tell your class to read the syllabus.

It’s also a platform where some of the worst people in the world can make hundreds of dollars recording a 30 second message for someone who thinks it’s funny to get personalized messages from monsters who should be in prison.


So…he and Boebert are totally dating now, right? Let’s just hope he isn’t buying any theater tickets for date night.

I continue to not care. He’s far from the first person to milk their 15 minutes after a controversy. Heck, I’m 100% certain he has a book deal and potentially a movie already signed off. It happened almost weekly under the previous admin when he did his weekly kicking off the island.

It won’t last, and more and more people will be where I am - not caring - and his cameo will dry up. I mentioned last week that a similar person was milking it madly - the Mooch. He was making hundreds of dollars a Cameo, booked on every show there was (which of course pays) and had a book deal. His Cameo is currently $57. Fame is fickle and fleeting. And George has a ton of lawsuits already against him.

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Yes - it will be challenging to record Cameo messages from inside prison.
I suppose this is his way of YOLOing right to jail.


I hope the restaurant was smart enough to insist on cash payment.


Stolen cash, when it comes right down to it.

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This rather suggests that whatever money Santos is making from Cameo, he’s splurging without any regard for the future. Which seems to be his pattern and the cause of his trouble to begin with.

Yeah, absolutely. The cameos aren’t going to last long at all - it’s only because he’s in the news at the moment that he’s getting any. Six months from now, he’ll be a former Congressman who has never actually accomplished anything but some petty crimes, and the interest - and his income - will have dried up, leaving him struggling to pay his legal fees.

… and yet if anybody can do it, this is the guy :supervillain:

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No money in it for Santos unless he decides to sue later (good luck!) for this or that in the adaptation. Heck. He wanted to be a celebrity poked way into the public’s eye, so tough toenails.

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I firmly believe that Founding Father of Spain and inventor of the color yellow George Santos is capable of almost anything.

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