George Santos is making bank on Cameo

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This is why he ran for Congress in the first place, isn’t it?


Boo Jimmy Kimmel and anyone else who is helping make this creep rich just for the giggles.


Meh, let him relish his 15 minutes of fading fame.

The Mooch is on Cameo too. Did you even remember him before I mentioned the name? The guy was on everything for weeks.


John Fetterman paid for a Santos cameo. I’ve been a Fetterman stan for a long time but that really sucked some of the life out of my enthusiasm for the man.


I thought Cameo was a sinking dumpster fire?

The free link expired:


I wonder which persona he will use in this service…


Wealthy socialite by day, crime fighter with a secret identity by night?


Ahhh, remember those halcyon days of cheery optimism in the early to mid 90s, when the internet promised to free humanity from the shackles of ignorance and to usher in a new era of intelligence, cooperation, transparency and progress? Ugh. Yeah, me too…


Could be worse, could be an OnlyFans.

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What better gift for the man who will say anything?

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My only experience with or around Cameo is when a friend paid for some greeting/chat thing with a drag queen they were fans of, and said drag queen blew it off.

it was rather expensive, and my friend had to get a refund.

The whole thing was kind of weird. The concept of Cameo is also kind of weird to me, although I fully accept that some people just like the idea of “famous person does thing for me” whereas I think it’s silly.

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That wasn’t anything like what I expected people to pay him to say.

Don’t blow it all at once, George. Your novelty won’t last long.

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People will pay for anything huh? yeesh. The dialogue in that clip was ridiculous. Stop supporting this asshole.

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