NSA colleague describes life with Snowden: "a genius" who wore EFF anti-NSA hoodies to work

Similar circumstances got a Nobel for Obama…

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Here at work we recently set up a server that would backup all the documents the accounts department scanned in to an encrypted disk.
As it had to deal with securely encrypted documents, of course we named it snowden.
You’re welcome Ed :wink:

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Odd. I read The Prince as political satire and a warning. It reads like a morality tale exposing the absurdity of monarchy.

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Yes, that’s an interesting discussion.

Based simply on the synopsis and the commentary about being given a manager’s own personal credentials, I have a hard time with trusting the veracity of the article.

I don’t know anyone that has privileged access that would give their own credentials to anyone, let alone a subordinate that himself lacked those privileges. In circumstances that I’ve dealt with, either the temporary person receives new, temporary privileges and is later demoted when those privileges are no longer needed, or receives an entirely new, temporary account with the needed privileges that can be expunged when the privileges are no longer necessary.

Handing over a password is an amateurish, unknowledgeable-users-in-an-office kind of crap that does no one any good. As I’ve explained to users, if I need access to their data then I can have a network administrator retrieve that data for me, or worst-case, I can have a network administrator change the user’s password so that I can then get access.

Seconded. I think NPR had a short piece on programs the NSA used in order to ferret out the bad seeds (so to speak).

Well, I don’t know about that. They seem to be quite intensely capable, from all the evidence I’ve been reading lately, of a large number of things. Possibly you mean a deficiency of competence in management’s ability to find leakers/enemies of the state? Then by all means yes. But in terms of operational effectiveness, it appears like they’ve got a handle on it.

The Nobel for Ombama was a ‘fuck you’ to Bush The Younger by the committee.

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And, like everything designed by committee, it was a terrible idea…

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