NSA conducted commercial espionage against Japanese government and businesses

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Nothing unexpected. Very logical to do if one does not expect to be caught.

Keep the rain of disclosures coming.


Sam Harris pushes an interesting theory on the science of ethical behaviour. I like it because it proposes, and backs up that proposal with testable evidence, that there is a logical underpinning to behaving ethically.

Machiavelli may have found an effective method for behaving by exercising controlling actions through a framework of combative game theory but the idea that such behaviour is logical really guts the whole concept of any behaviour ever being in any way logical at all.

I also commend disclosures of this sort, keep 'em coming indeed.


Impossible, this can’t be right. How could the government be complicit in industrial espionage? That would be wrong!

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Seriously, fuck those guys.


Too good for them.
Involuntary celibacy, for the rest of their lives.

Targeted surveillance of foreign governments like his is pretty much exactly what I expect NSA to do. Indeed, I this is what I want NSA to stick to doing, and when appropriate that includes listening in on allies. For example, if I’m reading the dates right on targeting table correctly, the high-level government conversations were logged in March 2011. You know, back when Japan had a huge earthquake and a nuclear reactor melting down.

Spying on Mitsui and Mitsubishi are the most questionable, being businesses and all. While we don’t know precisely what they were looking for, it’s not necessarily nefarious on the part of the US government. I base that on the same information need category (2003-3913) and the same date codes (101214 and 101215) also showing hits for the Japanese Bank Examination Department, the Monetary Affairs Department and a whole mess of other parts of the Ministry of Finance.

My big question is, who is supplying WikiLeaks with this, and what is their agenda?

[quote=“shaddack, post:6, topic:63012”]

Seriously, fuck those guys.

Too good for them.[/quote]

It was a paraphrased quote.


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