NSA dumps incriminating documents on Christmas Eve



Odd, dumps like these are usually carried out under coer of darkness. Maybe they were afraid Santa might show up or something.

[…] including a parade of user-errors in which NSA operatives accidentally spied on themselves

Through a Scanner Darkly, anyone? I want to hear more about this, but I’m feeling too lazy to search it out myself; anyone got links?


Dumping the docs on Christmas Eve while on your way out the door is pretty much doing it under cover of darkness, functionally.


I would guess that a deadline was looming and a supervisor said ‘Nobody leaves for Christmas break until this is done’. Most government employees would likely take four days off, Christmas through Sunday, and leaving a little early before a four-day vacation always sounds attractive.

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It appeared even worse to us over in Europe. Middle of the night job. Almost black ops.

As much as the Hackocracy loves its time off, a Christmas eve public dump of incriminating evidence is far too much of a classic media relations ploy. Anyone who’s worked with or in the news media knows what happens. Friday afternoon is a great time to get the “news” out when you want it to be ignored or simply underplayed. That goes doubly for Christmas Eve at 1:30 PM. The dailies have their Dec. 25 editions pretty much locked down, the newsroom is on a skeleton crew of novices and junior staff, and the major broadcast media have let the experienced journalists take vacations.

Soooo…1:30 on the afternoon of Christmas Eve is a terrific time for spooks to release something that requires diligence, deep reading, correlation, verification, and commentary from the politicos who are not really in a mood to get into such stuff. By the time everyone gets around to it, the issuer hopes, other news will take the spotight. The tactic is an enormous red flag in itself.

That’s why we need sites like this to not let them get away with it.


Merry Christmas ACLU!! Love the NSA.

This! :thumbsup:

It reveals that the NSA considers itself to be in an adversarial relationship with the people it ostensibly serves.


Senate Committee’s CIA torture report: Searchable PDF. NSA’s spying dump: Non-searchable PDF’s. These should be converted to searchable and hosted in that format with a search option. Agencies should be called out on this when it isn’t searchable. It’s not like the NSA doesn’t have the hosting capacity.


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