NSA's new meanings for common terms


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Newspeak! Doubleplusgood.

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What was that old word-twisting game older siblings used to play?
“Yes means no and no means yes, do you want me to spy on you?”

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Aside from the newspeak, I wonder if we are being encouraged to think of NSA activities in romantic terms as if one were wiretapping, or using a hidden camera to spy on an individual person in the real world. What the NSA actually seems be doing is more like recording the world, as if it were possible to have a Google Maps 3d projection-map version of the world with data mapped on to every relevant object and person, in which you can move forward or backward in time to retrieve information and make connections. They are creating a searchable archive of world micro-events, with hundreds of millions of characters. That may not be what it looks like, but that’s what it is. And in this case, they are right, there is no such thing as surveillance because everything is recorded. There is no such thing as surveillance because there is no such thing as privacy.



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