Null Divide +, a frenetic free shoot-em-up


It looks fun, but it triggered an old memory of Battletoads at 1:10 with the “burn” sound. I wonder if it is just a common chip tune or my brain is just messing with me for not letting it sleep.

Battletoads Intro

Hey there! To be specific but not longwinded, the NES had 5 audio channels that could make noise at any given time. There were two pulse channels (most leads), a triangle channel (most bass), a DPCM channel (for samples for crude voice, or drums etc) and lastly a Noise channel.

The ‘burn’ sound is a sweep through the available sounds within the noise channel. This was a very common thing back in the day, and I used it myself when creating some of the music you’ll hear in Null Divide+

As for battletoads~ It’s an amazing tech demo for the nes, but a pretty rough game. It’s apparently unbeatable in 2player mode, as one of the levels instantly kills player two at the start each time. They just didn’t test it.

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Well, that answered my question as to why 1:10 of Null Divide+'s promo video took me back to the start of my S&M love affair with video games. Thank you for your answer.

As for Battletoads, I only remember it being fun and original for the first 2 to 3 levels. After that the game becomes so impossibly hard that only the insane or bored try to progress past that. Still, I have yet to see many instances where you fight a boss battle from the prospective of the boss.

But I digress, thanks again and I am off to see what Null Divide + is about.

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