Weird, fun audio glitch in Apple TV


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That sound near the end sounded li… ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.


Where’s the glitch? It made a funny sound?


Reminds me of early 80’s arcade sounds… Somewhere between Robotron 2084 and Tempest, maybe?




The sound upset my dog!


weird Fun Audio Glitch <-- name of my next rock group


Hey, beats the noises our ancient series 2 DirecTiVo makes sometimes…


Sounds like a sound buffer filled with random data (allocation issue? Mem corruption?) being passed through a functional audio pipeline adding effects like reverb and the like.


It does sound an awful lot like some really early video games. Back when it wasn’t practical to have good sound on an x86? I wish I could remember what video game I remember that sounded like that.


It’s creepy enough that the normal behavior is to change between right and left speakers depending on where the cursor is.


It pushed all of my buttons.



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