Glitch your photos


I used to do this by opening up jpegs in a hex editor and changing random bytes to keyboard spam. It was kind of fun to see how much you could change before the file would refuse to load at all.

Sometimes works with gifs too, they have a much lower threshold before the file is considered “corrupt.”

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There’s a great iPhone app called Decim8 that does something similar. I recommend it.

This seems like a more recent equivalent to adding vinyl scratches / hisses / pops to digital recordings.

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It’s an amusing pastime, but really–if you want to make glitch art, the real fun is in seeking actual glitches yourself. There are proven methods but you can also perform any number of experiments (just don’t break your computer in the process). Importing a random non-audio file as raw data into an audio editing program is always fun. Sometimes you get a couple seconds of white noise… sometimes you get a twisted concerto.

Decim8 is better.

I find this topic so frustrating because I fell in love with the Glitch look but was unable to use ANY of the tutorials I had found. so many tutorials had comments ‘oh this doesn’t seem to work in the new version’ or some such.

I guess its odd but finding an automated way of doing it just makes me more sad, because I now have a free crutch. XD

anyone know of any good tutorials to recomend???

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