'Project L0SS' by Ellie Pritts


This kind of glitching has more to do with corrupted jpegs than recoding artefacts. Also worth pointing out that these are as compelling as they are because the original sources are decent photographs. It’s very hard to glitch your way from a crap image to something awesome.

Makes a very nice wallpaper:

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Great images!

As @teapot mentions though these are glitches more than artefacts, aint nothing aesthetically pleasing about jpg artefacts.

I’m also curious about “a lossy file format, if configured as such” @jlw - can you configure jpgs otherwise? I’ve never heard of a lossless jpg. I’m more intrigued than anything.

You’re totally right, though if you save jpgs as “Quality: 12” in shoop (yeah… I’ve always thought this is like turning your amps to 11) they are close enough to lossless that you’d have to save a LOT of iterations before anything started to look noticeably janky.

Whilst technically true, that’s still just a less lossy jpg.

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