Dead media soundboard: the Museum of Endangered Sounds

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Does anyone have the start-up sound for a Commodore PET or CBM?

I require my new computer to start with the same sound.

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You can record the PET startup sound yourself using the VICE emulator.



i spent i don’t know how much time last week or so looking for the sounds made by the old mattel hand-held football game (as used in The Logical Song by Supertramp, etc.) – this site had me excited for about 30 seconds, until i realized that my search is going to continue. sigh.

This game?


that’s the follow-up. it might work, but i was thinking about this one:

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How about the high frequency whistle from a cathode ray tube?

I’m just happy to learn there is a sound museum.


that’s the one, but i want audio files : \

I had this one…

Played the hell out that. I even had to open it up and glue a makeshift post on one of the buttons as the original broke off.


Oh my God! I had completely forgotten about those things until just now. I played one to death! I loved that thing.

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Jules, man. Jules.

Jay for Eurosignal. You could hear it on most VHF radios at the outer end of the band. As a kid, I was mesmerized by those sounds. My parents didn’t know what it was, either. The internet finally told me when Eurosignal had long ceased to exist.

I’ve had my head in far too many bass bins to ever hear that again.

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I didn’t realise I couldn’t hear it any more until I started an old CRT TV and my son asked me what that sound was.

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