Nun's "luck-bringing" vulva sculpture becomes beacon for followers

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The Mail is a fascist tabloid., please do not promote their click bait.


“ The statue has swollen in popularity”

Well done, @frauenfelder !


No jokes about names, I have to remind myself.

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While I’m in favor of all the genitalia artwork and statutes anyone wishes to have around, I have to say I’m having trouble seeing anything associated with this intent as being placed under the tag of Women’s Empowerment.


Yet in other places the representation of a vulva is somehow a thing of hand wringing and shame…


I’m just glad it was intentionally vulvic.

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If Gawd had wanted people to be nekkid he would have had us born that way!


So if you watch the video it turns out that the Daily Mail’s description is sheer fantasy—shocking I know.

I couldn’t make out everything, but it appeared to be a respectful conversation between local authorities and the “nun” (actually an upasika or laywoman devotee). The authorities were questioning whether these sculptures, which also include a phallus, would offend the sensibilities of the Buddhist community.

She explained that these were not there as a “belief” nor were they to be worshiped. Rather, they were for establishing mindfulness, as a reminder of the process of birth, aging and death.

I don’t think there was anything about abortion or cleansing sins. Thailand has a lot of weird artwork in temples around the place, although i’ve never seen a yoni like this before.


I thought that was Ray’s Mom, Marie:

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