NY attorney general: Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women

President Biden has said that he should go. Defying him makes the party (and Biden himself) look weak, which benefits the Republicans. Is that a strong enough incentive for a prominent Democrat?

Not for someone who prioritizes their own career above what’s best for the party, state or country, no.

We need him to feel more personal consequences for refusing to resign.

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Cuomo has spent a lot of his career, including most of his time as governor doing exactly that. He personally nuked a minimum wage hike in New York State, along with a bunch of other major legislation from his own party. Stood in the way of voting rights initiatives.

His major press actions revolve around attacking other Democrats, especially DiBlasio. Until the state legislature flipped from GOP control he towed a very, very blue dog line and was openly antagonistic to the DNC.

Once it flipped he was “leading the resistance against Trump”.

He gets elected in part by peeling off the sort of socially libertarian BUSINESS republicans that seem to only exist here. And in part because he’s the only only major Democratic candidate. A lot of his funding comes from big GOP donors and the financial class. And for a long time a lot of his support in the state legislature was in more moderate republicans and conservative Democrats from upstate counties.

His cronyism and the political machine he inherited crosses the aisle in a lot of spots.

That has shrunk a lot as more Democrats have been elected, and more from outside his circle. And as the GOP had gone full fucking Trump.

Guy does not care how this reflects on the national party.

Pressure will come from an impeachment or other action by the state legislature that’s increasingly not into his shit. Or a serious primary challenge backed by the national organization.

He cares about the next election, and long floated presidential ambitions.


Democrats only throw Cuomo under the bus because NY is reliably Democratic. If there was any contest they would prop him up just like a republican does Might I remind you how the sexual harassment allegations against Biden were quickly swept under the rug during the primary.

NY is reliably democratic in terms of certain cities and state wide races. Sometimes surprisingly narrowly.

Big chunks of the state, including parts of the NYC Metro Area are deep red. And our state legislature was GOP controlled until 2018.

That’s why Chuck Schumer is our senator forever, Cuomo was a Blue Dog till he wasn’t, and we send some of the Trumpiest Trumpers to the house.

Thing is the population in those deep blue areas is just too large for just any republican to have a chance in hell.

They’d need to run exactly the sort of moderate, I’M BUSINESS, white dude that can’t survive in the party these days.

But they’re pushing Lee Zeldin, Trumpist extraordinaire and my current congress troll. In all his implicated glory.

That said they did press Spitzer out when things with the governor’s seat were much less firm.

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I think different cases are actually different. What Biden has done, isn’t the same as what Cuomo has done, isn’t the same as what Franken did, isn’t the same as what Clinton did. The consequences certainly depend on the power and importance of the person who did the thing. I still think there is more to this than political calculations. I don’t think the Democrats would not run a Roy Moore even if they thought it was their best chance to win that race.

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