NY attorney general: Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women

Originally published at: NY attorney general: Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women | Boing Boing


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Can’t wait to see charges in this case.

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Now watch him follow the republican playbook and try to stick it out (“phrasing!”)

(“The only way I can lose is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.” –Edwin Edwards way back to ~1983 when Southern Democrats were still southern democrats)



take him down like he was a republican.


If he was a Republican he would be able to count on the unwavering support of his own party. Cuomo isn’t going to have as easy a time of it.


If he won’t resign, impeach the prick. Unlike the GQP, we don’t support abusers. I would hope, though, there will be criminal penalties as well.


Just saw his response. Not surprisingly- he’s going to try and brazen it out.


as NYC residents, we have heard for years gossip about his method of governing – being a bully. he battles with everyone, and albany is a cesspool in no small part because of his leadership. for all the good he did during the height of the pandemic with daily, calming updates delivered with facts, compassion and humor, it does not change who he is or his outrageously improper and predatory behavior. he’s got to go.


Cuomo has the unwavering cronyism of the NY State political machine, and the unwavering support of middle of the road white boomers in the state.

My mother who owns multiple me too emblazoned articles of clothing sounds like fucking Bill O’Reilly on the subject of Cuomo’s accusers. Its all politically motivated, they’re after money, they’re secret Republicans, or SLUTS.

Letitia James, who she voted for. Is now “awful” and “in bed with Bernie Sanders”.

Meanwhile Cuomo’s got his own separate donor stream, campaign system and near lock step control of the state party. Politicians from outside Cuomo’s machine tend to be associated with the national party, who he’s long been at odds with.

This isn’t the only scandal he’s opted to just deny and wait out. He’s had an awful lot of people close to him go down for corruption and been investigated a lot of times.

He could probably lose a primary at this point with a good enough challenger and enough support from national Dems. But he’s probably not going to end up resigning over this.


Biden says that Cuomo should resign.


He had previously said Cuomo should resign immediately if the investigation went this way. IIRC Pelosi and a lot of other national Dems demanded he resign back when the news broke.

Cuomo has refused the calls to resign, and has been describing the accusations, along with criticism of his handling of COVID. (including deliberately under reporting deaths in nursing homes). As a political smear. Part of an overall campaign to attack and undermine Democratic Governors.


You mean like they took down Frump for his pussy grabbing? or Gaetz for his Baby-Pussy grabbing? Seems to me that on the Republican side, sexually harassing is practically a requirement to get the support of the party.


Rather than take the advice of other pols and resign, he does this… :roll_eyes: :angry:


People are completely misunderstanding this. See this picture of me sliding my hand around Bill Clinton’s ass and cupping his front? It’s cultural- I learned it from my grandma.


Why hasn’t CNN fired Chris Cuomo?


not this middle of the road white boomer.

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or at least rake in those defense fund donations

Obviously it’s the right thing to do, but as a matter of pure self-interest, what is his actual incentive to resign? Many politicians have somehow survived similar or worse scandals (obviously the last president, but some prominent Democrats as well), and people with a sliver of a conscious like Al Franken who did the right thing by resigning are pretty much guaranteed to have their political careers permanently ended. Those of us who want Cuomo to resign need to come up with a strong incentive for him to do so. Or else just impeach the jerk immediately, which maybe is better because it pushes him out with even less dignity than a resignation would.

I think if you follow a low profile maybe you could go under the radar and restart your career after some time. Ask Silvio Berlusconi for some advice. There are some politicians that got jailed for tax fraud, or embezzlement and then started their political career again.

Resigning makes newspapers and TV less interested to the judicial story.