New York governor Andrew Cuomo accused of sexually assaulting aide

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Ugh… does NYC have a recall thingie? Just recall him already… when is he up for election? Vote him out…


Nope. Neither the state of New York, nor New York City, have a process to recall elected officials.


Man, that dude’s star is falling faster than Comet Kahoutek!


Curious how politician collapse occurs; a whole lot of pent-up social dominoes: “Oh yeah?? You think that’s bad? Well he kicked m’dog!” Always wonder if there is ‘op-research’ on how to trip the first significant kick. (“Well that didn’t work. The dick pic usually always starts the cascade…”)


Cuomo’s been in the middle of a burbling disaster after it was reported, then confirmed that his office misrepresented COVID numbers for deaths in nursing homes.

For as much as his press conferences have made him look really good nationally, and given a lot of people the impression that the pandemic was handled well here. It’s been really messy and inadequate. With the vaccine roll out being a pretty big fuck up overall here.

So frustrations with him were already pretty high, and he’s not as well liked as his performance in elections would lead you believe. He gets a lot of support out of being not the Republican. There have been persistent rumors of corruption, with a lot his close associates and people in his administration going to jail. He spent a lot of the time throwing his own party and the left under the bus and catering to the GOP controlled state legislature until 2018 flipped control. And he exhausts a lot air pointlessly fighting with Bill DiBlasio for easy political points instead actually solving shit.

So it’s less a first kick than a slow roll towards the edge. The confirmation of actual wrong doing with regards to COVID is just kinda what allowed to all burst open and I’m really expecting to hear more this shit.


Fox News is so excited about this story. They’re like: “See! Democrats do it too!”

The difference, of course, is that when our people do it, we demand that they be held accountable. CUOMO, RESIGN, NOW.

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I don’t know much about NY politics, but I do know he fucked that up. That’s visible from space. The details of how and why he did it (private equity nursing home donors I think) are sketchier, but he was obviously a fuck up and needed got rid of.

No bad revelation could possibly surprise me.

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Which would be typical.

Both the testing and the vaccine roll out were hampered and messy because he forced it all to run through for profit urgent care clinics. We never got promised drive up testing centers or public facilities in underserved areas. Excepting the large, temporary outdoor hospitals in cities early last year. None of the stuff they said would roll into vaccine distribution. You still can’t get tested by your own doctor, at regular hospital it’s only if you show up with symptoms. Though you can go to a chain pharmacy drive through, where they will have you swab yourself.

The model was so broken for vaccines. That after a HUGE amount of public pressure, including from nearly every other politician in the state, they’ve been scrambling to kick up vaccine centers, and mobile units. But again mostly expanding to chain pharmacies. Despite too short a vaccine supply to reliably supply them all. I think even his own Lt Govenor was shitting on him over the vaccine situation.

Far too much of the response here has been structured as a subsidy to for profit medicine.

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Right there you’ve got the nail on the head in most of the neoliberal countries.

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