NY Times' David Brooks, forgetting how much he drank, complains of $80 burger

whats the most annoying about all this. is there there IS a real cost of living / food cost issue.
but this guy uses. the wrong place to complain about costs. well drink a mug full of whiskey. and so now everyone is all. lul this dolt. verse. wtf, why can’t i afford eggs?


Sorry, I mean the right-wing narrative is that inflation is getting worse under Biden, which isn’t true.


“… it’s gone from 9% under Biden to 3% under Biden” is going to be an odd hill for Dems to die on :thinking:


He’s such a ridiculous hack. They literally have an entire room full of them on staff there, FFS.
Brooks, Dowd, Friedman, Douthat, Turley, etc…
I’m not sure if he was trying to be funny or not - if so… I was going to say, stick to writing columns, but it would be best if he didn’t do that either.
The good thing is that one of my favorite accounts on twitter never loses sources for humor -


As long as Trump is leading it, the Republican Party cannot be reformed. It can only be deprived of power.

–David Brooks Sept. 14, 2023


Inflation. Its not like prices ever really come back down (I remember all the anger over gas going to $1 a gallon when I was a kid.) But at the same time corporations are raking in record profits, so who’s really driving inflation. They dont want to raise wages because in theory that would increase inflation more, so we just get inflation with no wage increase. Thanks a fuckin lot. And then they fret over “why is socialism becoming more popular?” David Brooks gets a burger and a drink at the airport while I take the Chinatown bus to NY and eat a peanut butter sandwich I brought with me. Fuck You David Brooks.


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.


Yep. Food prices have shot up, but not anywhere near “$80 for a burger and fries”, and everyone for whom money is an actual concern and not just abstract numbers they’re vaguely aware of would know that immediately. It’s probably not hard to find an actual burger that really costs that (a restaurant where I live seriously has $30 appetizers), but to complain about it as though it’s the norm and the only available option makes it instantly clear that the intended readers are people so rich that they have never actually looked at a price on a menu, if they’ve deigned to eat in public at all.


This is important why? Countless others have made similar observations since 2019. Well done for stating the obvious Mr. Brooks?

Let us not forget that the rot set in long before Trump. The notion that moving on from Trump is the sufficient condition for GOP reform is ignorant, naive, or both.


I volunteered in Guyana for a few months, many moons ago. It’s just a fizzy drink, but I have many fond memories of Guaraná!


Disney World is the place to make airport food seem reasonably priced.


I carried a granola bar and refilled my water bottle in the fancee water filling station. I think my one airport meal was an $8 croissant for lunch.

“Halp; the 'conomy is repressing my ability to eat like a hack writer!”


… not to mention, doesn’t David Brooks just go back and forth between New York and DC?

Why would he ever have to fly anywhere?

Amtrak isn’t good enough for him?


I haven’t been to Disney in the US, only the Tokyo and Paris parks.

Euro-Disney was meh, though the staff were lovely and all spoke about 4 languages.

The food in Tokyo was amazing. The Hotel Miracosta in the DisneySea side had a breakfast buffet which stretched as far as Osaka, it looked like, and offered American, European and Japanese items so you could do whatever kind of fusion nosh-up you wanted, and go back for seconds and thirds until you couldn’t walk any more. (No black pudding or baked beans, but as a Brit, why would I go to Tokyo for those?)

To get back to airport food, if someone is flying out of New York and wants a cheap departure lounge meal they should go to the Taco Bell at JFK sirport. I had a $1 taco there which was so vile I ate only one bite and have never been to Taco Bell since, so it saved me a lot of money.


Fear and Loathing in the Smokehouse Restaurant in Newark Airport Terminal A?


Theme park food isn’t exactly cheap but it’s still often less expensive than airport food. Per the article this burger and fries cost $17. At WDW there are several restaurants where you can get a burger and fries for $12-13.


while it has been 13 years since I have been there. IIRC the quality wasn’t the same.

They have like $10 hot dogs.

But I am sure there are some airports that give them a run for their money.

I remember going there I got a hand drawn image of Donald Duck as Boba Fett for only $35 and going on about how this is the most worthwhile deal in the part (actually that may have been Hollywood Studios.

“In the land of $10 hot dogs, a HAND DRAWN Donald Duck/Boba Fett mash up? What a bargain!”


The Pulitzer-prize winning food critc Johnathan Gold (the first ever food critic to win a Pulitzer!) was rather fond of the Disney corn dogs. They cost $10.59 with a bag of chips. I think they’re like $2 cheaper if you ask for them without chips but they don’t post that price on the menu.

Sadly Mr. Gold died at just age 57. His tombstone includes the epitaph “Tacos Forever.”


Could be appended to basically everything Brooks writes. He’s an absolute genius when it comes to create vague dangers that are being caused by something and Americans should be worried, but honesty no too worried. /s

edit: God. I hate him.