NYC (and beyond) Peeps: The No Pants Subway Ride is happening again


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Been waiting, taking like forever.


I hope it snows.



Well, I’ll just have to sate my annoyance with the fact that their bare asses will be picking up far nastier things than they’re putting down. Wear pants on shared seats folks, it’s literally the least you can do.


seems kind of dumb. is there an overall point?


See all the details!


I try to leave annoying subway behaviour to the tourists.




Underpants are still a kind of pants.


I’m not going to comment on the general idea of the scheme, but isn’t it particularly stupid to do it at this time of the year?

Couldn’t they have chosen, say, any time between late spring to early autumn?


Well, at least they won’t be caught with their pants down…






Resistance to hepatitis? Is that a thing?


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