NYC HR manager sued her 12-year-old nephew for $127,000 over flying hug that broke her wrist

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The cruel karmic justice part of my mind hopes she is never hugged again in her life.

But I think the problem may be that she has not been hugged enough.


I really, really hope this is somehow a joke. It can’t be serious. It can’t?
Or a example how strange people* can be?

(*people in a luxury environment, a home, food, bedding, etc. you know, I hope;).


“I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d’oeuvre plate,” she reportedly said.

Oh, the humanity!


Sounds like she got 10 mins more than her 15 mins of fame.

With a broken wrist, she shouldn’t have been holding it for her.


Gotta be said: Christ, what an asshole.


And then 3 years later his mother dies, and a year after that his aunt sues him.

This poor boy needs all the hugs the internet can bring him.


This almost seems like an insurance thing. Perhaps the insurance companies required a lawsuit to determine who would foot the bill, or required suing the other party before a payout.


I don’t know anything of the details of this particular case, but it’s possible this is an insurance issue. If she’s got shitty insurance, and her insurance company decided that the kids family was partially at fault, they might have only paid part of her bills and told her to go after the family’s homeowners insurance for the balance. If the homeowners insurance refused to pay, she doesn’t have standing to sue them over the decision, as she doesn’t have a business relationship with them. She has to sue the family to establish liability, and then their insurance has to pay. Maybe suing the kid is a way to keep the parent’s assets out of the line of fire if liability is established, depending on laws in the jurisdiction.

Obviously, if this was a ‘pain and suffering’ type suit, the woman’s not worth her weight in pond scum, but I hate seeing the internet vilify another person off of an article that was obviously calculated to generate maximum clicks, without any detailed information as to the arguments presented.


This woman seems like an insane monster (though: the backstory may be more complicated; apparently the child’s mother is now deceased; as the plaintiff is the aunt, it may well be her sister who’s dead, and she may have an acrimonious relationship with her late sister’s husband).

I also find it weird how everyone writing about this story has so much trouble keeping the age of the child straight (the Gawker version was well-nigh incomprehensible for this reason). He was eight when he so viciously hugged his beloved aunt, and was twelve when the long arm of the (civil) law caught up to him.


OK - I figured this out. His mom must have had a bitching life insurance policy. I bet the kid is set for life with a trust fund (unless he blows it on hookers and blow).

His aunt saw it as a chance to snag some of that. I mean other wise, who the hell would ever hope of getting $100K + from a 12 year old?

I have heard of evil, back stabbing family members, but other than my siblings occasionally being poopy heads in their youth, I haven’t had to experience.


She’d be off my Christmas card list, STAT!


+1 it’s hard to believe anyone can be this fucked in the head, except at the behest of the American ‘health’ system.


That’s what I was thinking as well.

A few years ago my son broke his leg at a pool party and our health insurance company (actually an affiliated company) sued the parents of the kid who hosted the party. It’s called subrogation and it’s a normal thing. We had nothing to do with the lawsuit.


The sisters as kids…
<img src="//" width=“480” height=“264” title='toddlers and tiaras stop hugging me" alt=“Jennifer Connell” >


Yes, quite possibly. A friend’s mother slipped and fell at her daughter’s house, cracking her skull open and eventually dying. Because the mother was living with the friend, the insurance company required the friend to sue her sister to determine fault. Everything is great with the friend’s family… they just had to jump through some strange legalistic hoops to get insurance to settle up.


Just about everybody’s got that onnnnnne craaaaazy aunt, don’t they?


“Dad, can I get Aunt Jennie a flaming bag of dog poop for Christmas?”


Yeah, but (correct me if I’m wrong) you don’t have to file the lawsuit yourself in the case of subrogation. The respective companies just duke it out and you get a note from your insurance company saying “100% recovered” or “50% recovered”, depending on the determination of fault. Anecdote alert: I worked in insurance for 4 years and cannot recall a case of “You have to sue to engage coverage X.” There are a lot of opportunities to address problems in the claims process before it gets to a courtroom, no?


Cause you know the American Health System is the best in the world!! That’s what the GOP keeps telling me!!