NYC HR manager sued her 12-year-old nephew for $127,000 over flying hug that broke her wrist

I don’t understand. Did the kid have $127,000? Why didn’t she sue the dad, like she would have if attacked by his dog?


I really hope that this has taught her a lesson…
Conceal carry and pop a cap in the tot’s ass next time.


It’s no laughing matter. Even with two uninjured wrists I find it difficult to hold plates of hors d’oeuvres.


If she’s suing in order to get her health insurance to pay up, why not publicly say that? Surely you don’t want be known as the person who sued their nephew for no good reason?

Well, if you’re married to this guy…


I see what you did there.


The goddamn Francophiles up in this bitch I tell ya!

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Because in most states, a parent is only liable if they were negligent in supervising their child. Since kids hug aunts all the time, there was nothing negligent about the parent’s supervision. Then the law requires the aunt to file against the kid. The court makes the judgement and then it is good against the kid when he reaches 18 (or maybe 21).

I’d bet that this is a case of the Homeowners Insurance Company refusing to pay a legitimate claim and her being told that the only way to get them to pay out is to sue the kid, who can then require the insurance company to pay the judgement.


I haven’t seen any articles with a complete sentence quote from her or her lawyers, and even the fragments seem to be taken from testimony. It just feels like everything has been cherry picked to make it look as bad as possible.


The Auntie Christ gets nothing.

A Connecticut jury needed just 25 minutes Tuesday to decide against a Manhattan human resources manager who sued her own nephew for $127,000 in damages after he accidentally broke her wrist.

NYC aunt loses lawsuit against 12-year-old nephew over birthday hug that broke her wrist


How did I end in The Onion?


I strongly suspect it is more an inheritance thing. Her sister dies, leaves whatever she had to her son, and now her sister wants a cut of it.


Makes me wonder if she regrets suing in the first place or regrets she didn’t get any of the money the mom left to the kid?

That was my thought as well. Some other posters mentioned needing to do it for her insurance to pay out but that was 4 years ago and while they do use medical and police reports, I doubt they care who you sue. Wanting some sweet inheritance money seems most likely.


No, we didn’t file anything. We didn’t want any kind of suit.

The subrogation company was pretty aggressive and our neighbors had to hire a lawyer. We felt pretty terrible about it.

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So… the legal system worked, then!

Unlike usual, when Gawker somehow isn’t horrible.

Which is never.

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I know exactly where she can put her hors d’oeuvre plate so that it won’t bother her wrist.


Hmmm…I usually simply have my valet, or one of the host’s staff do that. Whatever.


A hug from the lad is more effective than a doctor and a clinical lab. Clearly she needs this…

And this…

Hell, she should be paying him for improving her life (assuming she adds the items above).

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