NYC paid McKinsey $27.5m to reduce violence at Riker's, producing useless recommendations backed by junk evidence

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This company would have cleaned up in the Y2K scare, really.


“ Violence had risen by 50% since McKinsey completed its work.“

You can’t argue that they didn’t change the world.

These contracts should be written that they have to pay you if they make the problem worse.


McKinsey – aka Mayor Pete’s prior employer, lest we forget – is just respectable money-laundering, in that it turns taxpayer money destined for the public sector into pay for MBA’s and ‘Management Consultants’ in the private sector who then funnel that money to themselves in the form of profit to a maximal degree. Then, the MBA’s and drones can shrug and note how the public system isn’t working – but not mention that’s because the money intended for problem-solving was literally looted and turned to profit – and how the answer surely must be to take that wasted public sector money and let the private sector do better with it.

It’s stupid. The only thing stupider is FALLING FOR IT.




This truly is the Golden Age of Bullshit.


Consulting giant McKinsey – notorious price-gougers and architects of ICE’s gulags

…and former employer of Pete Buttigieg. Which is one of the reasons I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.


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He just revealed his client list:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; Loblaws, a Canadian supermarket chain; Best Buy; the Natural Resources Defense Council; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Department of Energy; the Energy Foundation, an environmental nonprofit; the U.S. Postal Service; and the U.S. Department of Defense.

[apologies for any de-rail. I’ll leave it there and let one of the Happy Mutants do a FPP if they like]


and how the experience shaped the way he solves problems.

That’s a bit of a head scratcher considering that McKinsey has a very low accomplishment record for problem solving.


Public: “Look at the results of your recommendations???”

McKinsey: “Yeah, but we GET results!”


Interesting idea. By moving the less violent prisoners into specific units to fake results they are, by extension, concentrating the more violent prisoners into other units.
Now, what could possibly go wrong…


Given its range of public sector clients, I have no doubt that McKinsey has corrupted at least one public school district and at least one police department with its toxic business practises.

I certainly don’t have a blanket problem with consulting firms. Yeah, they don’t always fix shit, but sometimes part or all of that is due to the client. Certainly McKinsey employs a lot of really smart people. I’m sure they do really good work, in places. This probably wasn’t one of those cases.

They, like so many firms, and in a sense, like all of us, have very problematic aspects. And yes, the momentum that’s built up over decades, very very not good, and should be very scrutinized. But isn’t this true of really every aspect of our world, at this point? We do kind of live in, well, ha, some might call it the End Times. I try to have a more nuanced perspective.

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Anyone who’s work environment is approached by Mckins et al
should definitely be armed with this…

Unfortunately, I found it after our department had been McKinsified

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