McKinsey designed ICE's gulags, recommending minimal food, medical care and supervision

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Yeah, we should send these criminals to the Hague.

String them up alongside trump and his admin to show what crimes against humanity earns you.


Make: a non-patent-infringing enclosure for your 3D printer

McKinsey designed ICE’s gulags, recommending minimal food, medical care and supervision

I mean, the answer is staring you right in the face. Just have McKinsey design the enclosures!


Little did the staff know, engaging in work that advances or assists policies that were at odds with their values wasn’t at odds with Kevin’s values. Surprise!


ICE staffers who objected that McKinsey’s cost-cutting proposals risked jeopardizing the health and safety of migrants.

When ICE are the most reasonable people in the room something is really fucking broken, even in this timeline.


It’s almost like McKinsey didn’t feel they were already disgraced enough. Disgusting.

But even Tim Fucking Cook is doing PR shoots with Trump, and allowed Trump to lie afterwards saying he “opened a new Apple factory,” when in fact the Apple factory had been open for years in Texas. But because Trump is able to use the China tariffs as a means of extorting payoffs of various sorts out of any American business that might be impacted by them and is gunning for exemptions (such as Apple), he has them over a barrel. And of course capitalist shit corporate bastards go along with it, if they can make a buck off of it.

But I suppose the same thing has been going on for ages. See: Ford and IBM doing business with Nazi Germany.


I might be wrong - but a Presidential candidate may have worked for them and signed a non disclosure agreement.

That work needs to be made public- just like someone’s tax returns. We don’t need to have an awful, repugnant and possibly illegal surprise after someone is ensconced in the White House.


…would not “under any circumstances, engage in work, anywhere in the world, that advances or assists policies that are at odds with our values.”

values = max profit

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String them up? Doesn’t that debase us? I want to see them all pay, but… maybe it’s fatigue, but I don’t want any more blood.

“Make them pay” what? with money? The thing that’s essentially an unlimited resource for them?

Jail time in a white collar prison that’s basically mar-a-lago with better security from riffraff getting in?

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step one is holding people accountable in the first place. second is jail time and - ideally - seizing assets that were gained illegally just like we do with some foreign government agents.

the cake would be a white collar registry that’s as strict as the sex offenders registry.

but really, i’d settle for just the trial and guilty verdict at this point.


All the money (all of it), sure, but I mean pay with rest of their lives, in real, horrifyingly brutal prison, solitary even… but killing them? Is that justice or revenge?

The worst thing we could do to Trump is stop paying attention to him. Take his name off of every ugly emgoldened building, golf course and sky mall product. Not forget, we’d need an actual ocean of gin to do that. Just stop making him the center of the fucking world. Can you imagine a day passing when nobody mentions his name, for an entire day?

I guess justice and revenge should be served. Hang them all.

Maybe you’re right. I’m just sick of people acting like sociopaths are even capable of feeling sorry or learning their lesson. That’d require they care about other people’s feelings in an empathic way.


But they certainly feel sorry for themselves. I figure that’s the way to make them hurt. Lock them away. Make them feel lonely, forgotten, unimportant, not hated not loved, nothing.

This is more than blood lust. I want them to suffer.

What is this, another cohort of freshly minted McKinsey MBAs who don’t know how to think things through? And their management not paying close enough attention to what they are doing until it’s too late?

This reminds me a lot about those smart “problem solvers” getting together at Capital One’s shiny headquarters, working on how to “help” customers who have maxed out their credit cards by upping their credit limits. It was discussed here on BB a little while back.

This whole notion of bringing in the private sector to help with public sector business seems to have its own inherent problems.

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They should be tried and sentenced as 17 year-old black children.

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University of Arizona paid these corrupt twits $14 million on a no-bid contract that McInsey probably wrote themselves. $185,000 per week for teams of 3 consultants.

When asked about this, UA President minimized the importance of $14 million in the grand scheme of things.

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This is what Kevin Sneader looks like:

Here’s an article he wrote about growth strategies in China:

He appears to currently reside in Hong Kong:

As if this toxic company wasn’t releasing enough sludge into the business community, now they’re actively debasing American society at large.

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