New whistleblower complaint alleges that ICE is forcing hysterectomies on detainees

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Police ICE? I wish a motherfucker would! The whole thing needs to be taken apart, but whether that’ll ever happen even with a change for the better in US government…


“Pro-life” people. Sterilizing and potentially killing women. I’m guessing that providing voluntary birth control isn’t offered either.


Even if Biden wins, I don’t see any reparations for Trumpism that doesn’t involve public trials and equally public executions.


It clearly shows how this “pro-life” shit is only about control, nothing else.


For those who thought the spectacle of children in cages wasn’t horrifying enough (still holding at 40% of the electorate).

Make no mistake, ICE is the shock-troop agency of American fascism. If Biff is re-elected they’re only going to be given more power and more jurisdiction.


Can we call them “concentration camps” yet?


What the actual fuck?


Don’t call it Nazi shit! This kind of thing has been going on for decades all over the world. I don’t know of any innocent country, not even Canada, not even Sweden, that never used forced sterilisation on some group for some fucked up reason at one time, often jaw-droppingly recent.

Acknowledge that!

The Nazi’s did it, but they are an easy target to point at. Many, many others did. And some still do.

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I’m confused. Do you feel strongly about defending the Nazis, forced sterilization or both? It needs to be investigated and if true, stopped right now regardless of what label is applied to denounce it and regardless of it having been practiced anywhere in the past.

Sorry? SORRY? Did I defend the fucking Nazis??

No! But calling things like this Nazi shit is easy because they are other and safely tucked away in history. Not Us! Just the Nazis…

Calling this Nazi shit is avoiding the confrontation that many, many, many people did this and that it stil happens. Forced sterilisation is NOT something weird and ancient, but something very actual and very real.

Not in history, NOW. Not them, US.

My money is on a sick form of medical fraud more than anything else. I suspect that this gynecologist office is being paid for their services and is finding any excuse they can to preform more expensive procedures. Knowing full well that the people they are preforming these procedures won’t have the resources to sue them for malpractice.

I’m reminded of experience I had with a doctor that I felt was actively exploitative. Before my mother died of cancer she moved back and forth from rehab facilities and hospitals. I remember this one shady-ass doctor and his ‘assistant’ (his wife whom I never saw in scrubs) that the hospital appointed as her general physician suddenly appearing out of nowhere and taking heavy charge of my mother’s care. He was pushing for her to be transferred into this one nursing home, but he was holding back that the nursing home that didn’t offer rehab that my mother wanted to continue. He was also would not directly say that it was his opinion that my mother should stop rehab. Our interactions with him and his wife always seemed off.

About a day before my mother was due to be transferred out of the hospital, the doctor revealed that he was the head physician of he place he was pushing for. He tried to sell this as a positive with hey I can be your doctor there and in the hospital if something goes wrong. He then brought in his wife who was teary eyed, gave my mother a hug in a much nicer dress than normal and just so happened to leave the papers to transfer to their nursing home. Needless to say my mother didn’t continue under his care.


More on this:

Fucking awful


It just gets worse.


Pro-life from conception to birth. After that, they are on their own. I will give them credit for being “pro-life” the moment they show that they give a damn about born children as much as unborn. Until then, they are just looking to control what women do with their own bodies.


We have Nazis marching in Charlottsville VA. We have them in Portland. We have them pretty much anywhere you choose to look. And I do not speak figuratively, I mean literal Nazis, chanting “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us.” They are neither safe nor other, they are here and now and yes, in the halls of power. No one is speaking in allegory, they are among us now.


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