NYC report reveals troubling patterns in illegal chokeholds


So “illegal chokeholds” except that they are totally 100% allowed.


Let me see if I got this right:

A high level cop chose to ignore the recommendations of a civilian oversight board?

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The thing most liberals in this country miss is that this shit is a feature, not a bug. The purpose of the police is not to protect you from getting mugged or getting your bike stolen, but to keep the underclass terrorized into continued submission. Conservatives understand this instinctively, and cops that don’t get it don’t last long.


The thing that most good people miss about the world is that “evil works.” Evil people understand this instinctively.

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Ah, the Bad Apples excuse…

The president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association police union, Patrick Lynch, who blamed de Blasio for tensions with police, noted the report promised a wider investigation in the future to determine whether the problem is systemic.

Until then, Lynch said in a statement, the initial findings should only be viewed as 10 isolated cases that reveal “the dysfunction and anti-police bias that is rampant in the investigations conducted by the CCRB.”


“That sort of thing undermines confidence.”

I’m not sure you can undermine something that doesn’t exist.

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