NYC subway killing: bystanders share their stories of watching Daniel Penny choke Jordan Neely

Fifteen fucking minutes



And it’s on film, but he still might not face any real consequence; because the person killed was Black and mentally unstable, while the man who killed him is White.


For sure - and it seems unlikely that Neely would have remained combative or a threat after even a few minutes of being in the headlock, plus there were other people restraining him - no need to have a headlock at that point. If we’re asking why people didn’t react at that point, I think it would be a mistake to default to Bystander Effect ahead of other explanations like systemic racism and toxic masculinity. The former is in evidence from people who seemed satisfied he was being restrained in a headlock.

My fear is that (if he gets a trial at all), he will be treated as LEO are often treated in these trials and given the benefit of the doubt.


I concur.


My personal instinct for self-preservation when I see someone behaving erratically or aggressively on the subway is to get out of the car at the next stop and either move to another car or wait for the next train. If I see a station agent I’ll alert them to the problem (which, to be clear, is no longer mine). If I’m still standing there when the fight is in progress I’ve already failed.

Otherwise, the only time I’ll get involved is if I’m asked. This happened a few times in NYC, always by a woman being harassed by a creeper. No fighting needed because those guys are cowards and scuttle away the minute they see a woman has a male ally.

I guarantee you that this is exactly how it will be portrayed by Faux News and the other right-wing outlets as they make excuses for both the white ex-military vigilante and the bystanders.


Probably, you are correct - leaving aside where their sympathies may actually lay, I suspect that the police are weighing that perception in their decision about whether or not to charge Penny.


The comments on are particularly gross with many trollies gleefully calling for more violence.


Many year’s ago, like 35 or so because we were pushing our daughter in a stroller, we were at the Detroit fireworks with a million other people.

We came upon two girls beating the crap out of each other one was banging the other’s head against the pavement.

I tried to break it up, I was knocked down by bystanders cheering them on. I had a baby and wife to worry about so we got out of there. Cops did arrive as we were getting out

What sucks is that we have to run these scenarios through our heads and decide what we’re going to do when it does happen.

In a shooting do we run towards the shooter to try and stop them or do we run in the opposite direction?

If someone is being assaulted do we try and overpower the assailant or just call 911?

I don’t ever want to find out what I’m made of but I will probably get dead trying to do the right thing leaving behind a very angry wife and daughter.


Fuck that POS website. I’ve only ever seen snooty, snobby, condescending AF BS there.


I would have been terrified to try to stop that bastard killing that poor man, but I’m a 5’1" 56-y-o old lady. I would have been stuck with that nightmare for life.

That bastard woulda choked anyone who really tried to stop him.


I think the thing is, if one person stands up to a bully like this guy, it prompts others to join in and stand up to him, too. He could certainly hurt one person, but not a whole train car of people…


True, true.

Dogpile on the asshole!


And I’m not trying to call you out, as a similarly sized 46 year old woman, I know how you have to know the context and whether or not it makes sense to speak out safely… But I also know that I don’t see how people could have watched this going down and not have been waiting for someone else to speak up…


The Marines. They’re literally trained to kill; it’s their job. The whole point of the military is to kill your enemies – regardless of whether it’s an offensive or defensive kill.

There’s no such thing as restraint in warfare; restraint doesn’t win wars and the Marines are trained to be the most aggressive elite killers because we send them in first to do the most damage as possible. They’re trained to combat their perceived “enemies”.

Penny is a trained (and brainwashed, if you will) killer. He found himself in a situation that (irrationally) triggered his fight or flight systems and Marines are trained to fight, not flee. If Penny had been in any rational frame of mind that wouldn’t have caused his trained killer instinct to kick in, then his “non-lethal tactics” would have been to not engage with Neely in the first place. No part of this scenario is astounding.


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True, but whose going to go first?

Exactly. Waiting for someone else.


I can scream like a MFer, so there is that…


Where I’m from we call that ‘the Uh-Oh Squad.’

Same here.

I can scream, throw shit, act like something fucking atrocious is happening, because it is.


I wonder if his lawyer will try to use that as the basis of a BS insanity defense.


So… why repost such hate mongering here, though?