NYC to name streets after Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang Clan, and Woody Guthrie


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Big Baby Jesus Lane! Make it so!


So…literally street fame?

C’mon LA, you gonna take this lying down or give us the intersection of 2Pac and Makaveli?


You know that one guy who grumbles, “that crap isn’t even music!” I hope it’s his street. I really do.



So, is this the “street cred” I keep hearing about?


Wait wait - did anyone check with Michael first?



well deserved. don’t take this as grousing, but Biggie and WuTang were probably pretty easy sells. No showing for the Bronx? Kool Herc Ave, Bambaataa Street, KRS ONE Boulevard?
For Queensbridge: Nasir Jones Ave, Marley Marl St. or the Juice Crew district?
opening a can of worms here but the Bronx really oughta get something

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Hell yes! WU TANG actually forever!


Wasn’t Biggie kind of misogynistic and violent, or at least very keen to present himself that way?


I’d rather hear a dirty song about enthusiastic consent, than a song that is clean and polite that’s mostly about "not taking no as an answer"s.

See the difference?


And how about renaming some streets for some of the NYC punks as well - Patti Smith Way… Lou Reed Avenue… Ramones Blvd… Blondie St.? [ETA] I mean in addition to naming them for the people noted here!

NYC has such a rich music tapestry to pull from, too, you could basically rename a large swath of the cities streets after musicians!


Bambaataa Way doesn’t have the same pleasant ring to it that it might have had if proposed two years ago… and if it was proposed pre-scandal; the idea sure as hell would have been scrapped afterwards.

Personally, I’d want to attend a block party at the corner of Grandmaster Flash Boulevard and Grandwizard Theodore Lane.



I’ll see myself out.


Velvet Underground Overpass


That would work better as a subway line. Simply: “The Velvet Underground”, no need for an extra word at the end!


Too mainstream.


The powers that be were supposed to have named a bridge for saxophonist Sonny Rollins. Apparently that still hasn’t been accomplished.


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