NYPD body cams recalled after one of them "explodes"

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It looks like Vievu does a good job keeping them out of retail but you can pick up its models for about $400 on eBay.

Now that would be funny if you were using one on your persons while a Po Po was hassling you.


Probably a bad battery.


I have some questions:

  1. What percentage of the deployed body cams on this police force are this particular make/model
  2. What is the failure rate for this make/model
  3. Has the camera that “exploded” been examined by forensics to detect tampering
  4. Will the vendor be compensating taxpayers for the failed hardware
  1. Does it have Wi-Fi?

I speculate there is a replacement warranty. With higher end goods, part of the reason the cost is so high, is they don’t quibble about replacements. And with contracts there usually is a replacement clause for gear.

For your other questions, I speculate very low. Everything with a lithium ion battery has this potential. I give it another 5 years before we aren’t allowed to fly with phones and laptops or they have to be placed in fire proof bags or something because one bursts into flames and forces an emergency landing.

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Could be worse. Back in the day, there were incidents with police two-way radios in the same pocket as spare bullets, which bridged the charge terminals and cooked off.


Sounds like somebody was careless in his “oops, it quit working” efforts.

Why not just report it lost and sell it on Ebay like everyone else does?

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How long have they been trying to get one of these things to do this so they can justify cancelling the program due to “fear for our lives.” Hell, doesn’t that usually mean you shoot the thing?


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