NYPD cop enjoys using dead man's credit card to buy $3,282 diamond ring

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Not guilty? Obviously, Officer Friendly tripped on a phone while carrying the card, and hearing that the phone had dialed a number, she merely screamed out the credit card number in order to use the power of her words to slow down…


Pleading not guilty is not a problem, as far as I’m concerned. IANAL, but I’m told you can always change your plea after you find out what kind of deal you can cut with the prosecutor.

The part about “released on her own recognizance” pisses me off because it’s clearly cop privilege at work.


Is it really? I’m not familiar enough with the workings of low level fraud cases like this… Do most offenders sit rotting in a cell until their trials?

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I would be awfully surprised if jail time was common, as you said.

But it would have been nice to read that she had to post bond, just sayin’


True enough. Again, not familiar enough with low-level fraud like this to know if that’s common or not. :slight_smile:

Quite frankly I can’t help but think about the Baltimore kid who busted the window out of the police cruiser getting bail set for $500,000. I doubt it would cost anything near $3200 to replace such a window. It’s a false equivalence, but still…


Of course, supposedly violent (though really, just vandalism in that case) crimes are also treated very differently from more “white collar” crimes (fraud, etc).


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