NYPD officer charged with spying on Tibetan immigrants

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/21/nypd-officer-charged-with-spying-on-tibetan-immigrants.html

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Haven’t these drones ever heard of Tibetan Dream Yoga before? Free your minds

So New York’s Finest protection racket doesn’t pay enough anymore, cops gotta go to the Chicoms for their payoff?

Oppressing minorities in America just wasn’t enough for this overachiever, he had to help another country oppress theirs too?

I keep finding new ways to lose respect for police.
Every time I think there isn’t a new low or a new way they can fuck something up they always come through.

Hell, someone hit a deer in front of me tonight, so I actually ended up calling the cops to have them come out and put the thing down. Called local cops and they told me to call 911 as a legit call, then that got bumped around to the state police and local cops while they figured out what jurisdiction an on-ramp was, while I stood there for 40 minutes watching that poor animal die because I had no way to dispatch it.

They never fucking showed, and they even called back confirming my location. Irony was I gave a group of people in the news constantly for shooting innocent humans a call to shoot an animal for mercy and they ignored it.

People give these assholes special flags with colored lines to celebrate them more & more when they fuck up.

Does this mean they’ll fly the Chinese flag with a blue line to honor this scumbag?

I’m just so fucking tired of police, authoritarianism, and all of it. Cops, all of you are about fucking useless. Fuck this guy.


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