WATCH: High ranking NYPD detective abuses driver with a berserk xenophobic rant



Bad apple etc. etc.


Being on the terrorism task force, this guy is paid by the city to treat “brown skin foreigner-looking” people like this every day, usually even worse, for the same lack of reasons as this randomly filmed episode.


The roadside rage erupted after the detective tried to park the unmarked car without using his blinker

The incident will be handed over to the Civilian Complaint Review Board, cop sources said, because it was determined that Cherry committed no other wrongdoing besides being discourteous, the sources said.

He should still get in trouble for not signaling. Cops ticket civilians for as much. They don’t deserve a free pass.


I don’t think there are any recognisable apples left in NYPD’s barrel. It should just be a mouldy, fermenting sludge by now.


They mean, besides making a completely credible threat of false arrest, don’t they?

So this could be charged as simple assault, but that would only happen in a fantasy land where cops aren’t privileged to abuse anyone who annoys them.

The problem is, when cops have feelings, non-cops tend to get hurt.


Christ, what an asshole.


Why do cops think they are above the law?
Because they are.


From the BB post:

Cherry was on his way to work after visiting Detective Harry Hill at NYU Langone Medical Center when the interaction occurred, a second police source said.

Hill is in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest during a procedure on his elbow on Thursday, the source said.

Michael Palladino, the president of the Detectives Endowment Association, said emotions have been running high in the task force in recent days.

“The past five days have been emotionally draining for the members of the JTTF dealing with their fellow detective’s health. Despite what some people think, cops have feelings too,” Palladino said.

Cool! This means if we are sad we can break the law in NYC. Officially sanctioned by the police.


“The past five days have been emotionally draining for the members of the JTTF dealing with their fellow detective’s health,” Palladino said. “Despite what some people think, cops have feelings, too.”

Uh-huh… I am sure if I just explain to my boss that I threatened and swore at my employees because a fellow employee was in the hospital and that I was just emotionally drained, everything would be fine, and I wouldn’t get fired.

Seriously, though, if police officers are that emotionally drained, they really shouldn’t even be on duty.


Feelings? Like empathy, concern, and compassion?

I flip flop between rage and laughter reading this clowns explanation. Im laughteraging.


Good thing he clarified that - I would have mistaken that for a someone so dispassionate as to be almost inhumanly feelingless…


Here’s the thing that I just don’t get… yeah, someone they know is in the hospital because he went in for elbow surgery. If he was in the hospital because someone was going around shooting cops at random, then I could understand (but not justify this type of action) cops being a bit emotionally worn down and on edge.

But, really. If a guy I worked with went into the hospital for elbow surgery and had a heart attack… I’d feel bad for the guy… but I don’t know that I would really be “emotionally drained” … anyone else feel this way, or am I just a heartless bastard?


No, if most of us are sad, we are expected to maintain our self-control like the adults we are. Tirades and tantrums are for children, the privileged few and their enforcers…


Hey, cops have feelings, too…


And nothings changed since the 70’s it seems.
Grew up in N.Y. and spent most of my teenage years hanging out in NYC during the weekends.
The Blue Guardians are still the same self-entitled ass-monkeys that they were back then/

And that’s sad.

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Investigating him for being an asshole? Yeah, I’m sure they will get right on this, just after they do something about cops who killed people for being rude or not moving fast enough or just being asleep at home when the SWAT team smashed in.

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Man, that guy is altered, way beyond OK. Take away his guns, get him a nice vacation and some therapy, then maybe in six months he can be ready to go back to work making life and death judgments. Maybe. He needs to rediscover normal.


[quote=“dacree, post:9, topic:54714, full:true”]
Why do cops think they are above the law?
Because they [believe they] are. [/quote]


but are not obligated to controlling them