NYPD detective who verbally abused Uber driver will be transferred from Joint Terrorism Task Force


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Sounds positive.

Not “FIRE HIM” positive, but for cops, admitting that they were being a dick is a HUGE step forward.


The arc bends slowly, but it IS bending toward justice.


Good move. Now he can spend his time yelling at his stapler. (Minus 10 points to any replies with Office Space references.)


He’s more the rule than the exception.

Cops are scum.


They resemble internet commenters that way.


You’re jumping to conclusions if you think anyone is going to make Office Space references just because you mentioned a stapler in your post.


So, Chief Bratton, if this fine, upstanding, officer is being transferred away from the JTTF(where, no doubt, his even-handed judgement of uppity brown people never caused any trouble that didn’t make it to video); but not terminated, logic suggests that he is being transferred to some other function.

What aspect of the NYPD are you willing to say he is suitable for? If there is such a role, is it such because it’s so pointless that you could hire basically anybody to do it? Is it so rotten that he’s likely to be an improvement? I’m having trouble thinking of a non-troubling answer here.


Why transfer him? He’d make a great terrorist.


And it is bent by cheap video cameras.


I suppose the only thing remarkable about the video was the officer being too old to have “camera reflexes” and notice that he was being recorded. I’d bet tirades like that happen many times a day on a force of 35K or so. He was also clueless that many cultures require responses to be polite, not silence. Japanese reply “hai” (yes) constantly when being addressed by authority.


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Really apprrciate the remarks by Bratton, it is exactly what I wanted to hear, and Im thankful someone on the inside acknowledged what is really happening with public trust and abuse of power.

I would like Cherry to never given any authority again, but I realize that is going to be tough with the union and second chances and whatever.

And can someone hand the mayor their cell phone so he can watch the damn video? Does he need a bigger data plan?


Maybe Cherry was having a case of the Mundays?


Get back to me when you’ve had a few more interactions with them.

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That is why this is only a partial win in my opinion. If there wasn’t a video then I have my doubts there would have been any serious disciplinary action if any at all.
We may decry the prevalence of surveillance, but if Joe Citizen is watching the watchers then surely that is a good thing?
The flipside to that is a worrying idea that the need to act civilized is driven by the idea that you may be recorded. You don’t need to smile at every stranger you pass on the street, but its no effort to be polite.

If he doesn’t get fired (and I doubt the union will let them fire him) all those comments from Bratton are just so much hot air. The only thong that would convince me that every one of these fuckers are are not scumbags is if they also fired any cop who defends him.


Did you watch the video? Or just knee jerk defending authority?

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Fired? He won’t miss a paycheck. Do you have any idea how high the bar is to fire a cop? It’s above shooting an unarmed man dead, it’s even above shooting another cop who is black dead (see Omar J. Edwards). In general (if you google FIRED & NYPD) it seems you need to personally piss off someone more powerful in the NYPD. So no, he won’t be fired for talking like a NY cop does to anyone who pisses him off.


This cop is scum. Bad cops in general are some of the worst people on earth, and there’s way the fuck too many of them.

But I can’t get behind “cops are scum” as a blanket statement. Just for one example, here’s a white cop who bought a black teen an entire bedroom suite out of his own pocket when he found out the kid was sleeping on the floor, just because it was the right thing to do.

Cops are people, and like all people some of them are selfless and noble and some of them are power-hungry assholes. That second group is disproportionately attracted to positions of power, and in many places we’re doing a miserably poor job of keeping them out. The system is fucked and it needs fixing. But that doesn’t mean that every single cop is an inhuman monster.