NYPD's illegal frisk program did not prevent crime


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Perhaps this will help put to bed Heather McDonald’s oft-repeated claim that police target Black people more often simply because Black people commit more crimes.


Crime only dropped because all those Urban Americans had already been pre-frisked. It will skyrocket as the unfrisked rate does!


I can’t believe that our standards are so low that they have to commit to doing that sort of thing to find that out.


Ah, the sting in the tail.

“We guess stop-and-frisk isn’t preventing crime! It must be the racial profiling that’s doing it. This can’t simply be a societal shift completely unrelated to our half-baked policing theories!”


And then there is this: http://americannewsx.com/drug-policy/frisk-stop-pot-arrests/
“During the first six months of 2016, arrests for marijuana possession
soared by 30% — in spite of the fact that marijuana possession is no
longer a crime in New York City.”


Maybe it did not prevent crime because it was not intended to prevent crime. What other effects did it have?


Like what are you thinking?

Maybe I am being an optimist, but I don’t think the policy was made just to be racists dicks. I think they were using the faulty logic that wasn’t well thought out.

But even if one held Machiavellian views, one needs to abandon support for this method when there is data that clearly shows it doesn’t actually help stop crime.




I can’t believe that the mayor of San Francisco was trying to follow NYC’s lead and explicitly advocate for stop and frisk. Sure it makes sense that it will work, just like beating the familes of people convicted of crimes seems like it would work… until the day of reckoning.


There’s a sentence you’ll never see in the NY Post.

And not because they’re never wrong.



It’s almost as if not treating a whole swath of society as criminals based solely on the skin they were born into was somehow a bad idea :astonished:

If only the constitution could have guided us past this unfortunate error. Perhaps making it clearer that the “all men” who “are created equal” was supposed to refer to United States citizens.


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