NYT and ABC News lied about CIA operative


What makes you think we’re hearing the truth now? If the NYT, ABC News, and the CIA have been lying all along why trust this version with unauthorized analysts setting up a rogue mission? I’m not accusing the AP of lying. I’m suggesting that in a world of lying agencies, lying administrations, and lying news organizations, we should question everything, assuming we’re being lied to at every turn. It’s the only sane approach.


In the movies, this is where the camera reveals the villainous CIA Director chuckling as his “team of analysts” takes the fall.


Exactly. I don’t buy the “rogue” part.


Don’t the movies always have a “In the event that you are discovered we will disavow all knowledge of this operation, this operation does not exist…” Dramatic Briefing Scene?

Normally Agent Heroic escapes, rather than just languishing; but the official denial part is never a plot twist.


Good, now the US has everything in place for it’s totalitarian regime:

  • State controlled/influenced media and press
  • massive surveillance apparatus
  • secret courts
  • unaccountable government officials esp. police forces
  • corruption and nepotism through lobbyism
  • strong hints on manipulated elections (remember Bush’s?)
  • torture
  • a prevalent militarism in the society

… scary eh?

But keep pretending when you go to bed tonight, wrapped tightly in the star spangled banner murmuring “usa! usa! usa!” that you live in some kind of special snowflake country, the one country on this planet through all times, inspired by god and the spirit of freedom itself were such things cannot happen.


Paranoia is the new sanity!

You do have a point though.

You forgot the self-destructing message…



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Being on a business trip and working for the CIA are not mutually exclusive. Unless the times baldly stated that he wasnt working for the CIA it wasn’t lying.

Wait. I thought Americans weren’t allowed to do business with certain proscribed countries which includes Iran? Then how could he have been on a business trip in Iran?

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Ever heard of “trust but verify”?

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