NYT: If you see gibberish on a computer screen, it might be terrorist encryption software


I so badly wish I could tell that to my users…

You know who the worst users are? The ones in corporate who get attached to their machines, then when it’s time to replace them, they act like I’m taking Lassy out back and shooting her.


Well, actually, it is spelled Lassie.


Well, there goes my “@japhroaig’s javascript is looking super shifty today; I’m not sure I’ll execute that…” plan…


Pfft, HA

This site gets me.


Ever since they were selling their original sin machines for $666 out of a garage somewhere… Never you mind that that was before many of these terrorists were born and all.


I’ve found that referring to yourself as ‘entropy’s servant’ or ‘emissary of inevitability’ and/or telling the user that all hardware, like all pets, loved ones, and users themselves, begins to die at the moment of its manufacture is entirely unhelpful.

If you see gibberish on a computer screen, it might be Rob Ford

I usually end up confusingly alternating between warm and cold in my bedside manner…

“Hey, you’re getting a BRAND SPANKING NEW COMPUTER!”
“But… But, what about my files?”
“What about them? They’ll be there too. You know how fast it is to copy them? Super fast!”
“But. I like my old computer.”

"your old computer is going to be pulled apart and I'm going to take the choicest pieces for myself. Then the rest of it is going to be melted into slag to make razorblades, armor piercing tank ammunition and more computers."

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Shit, just press f8 when you boot up. That’ll put the willies up em just fine.


The joke’s is on the woman and the NYT: the guy was actually trying to debug his ‘Hello World’ program.

Or in this case, his ‘Goodbye World’ program.


Great, now I have to worry about writing perl scripts in public.


Sounds like a regular boot sequence to me…


“… a line of gibberish across the screen…”


I saw a screen like that once… on a T.V. newsfluff piece about A.T.M. hacking! Police!!

How do you post preformatted text without syntax highlighting

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I’m using DOUBLE ROT-13 encryption. You’ll never be able to decrypt this message.


[Rot13x64]Real cryptographers use Rot-13 x 64.[/Rot13x64]




Cthulhu fhtagn?

Also, I’m still in my 20s, and my 2nd and 3rd computers both booted in DOS. How young and/or clueless are the people writing these articles?


Doubtless they are the sort to say things like “I’m computer stupid, lol” like it’s some kind of fucking badge of honor to not understand things. They also click any and all dialog boxes without reading them because “ugghhh, you mean I have to read those?” or “gah, just tell me what button to push to design a brochure in Excel.”

So, my vote is clueless at any age.