NZ's anti-troll law: gift to trolls, bad for free speech

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Simple, just start Section 20-ing NZ gov websites. Nothing like a dose of your own medicine to make you realise it’s actually snake oil.


Indeed a concerted effort to shut down all sites pertaining to the nations politicians should be effective; though it would deny the on-line community the toe-curling fun of watching politicians attempting to appear to be fully functioning human beings via social media.


Anyone who ‘matters’ will be able to obtain exemption.


I imagine the N-Zed system is much like ours in the US, where a lawmaker who writes a really bad law finds themselves subject to severe penalties, such as an extremely lucrative lobbying career.


A prime example of why not everything needs a law. This type of communication moderation can ideally be handled by the hosting site. If their actions or policies are inadequate, affected users will gravitate towards safer, better moderated communities (i.e. Boingboing bbs).

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Old white men trying to control something they don’t understand … the internet.
Every countries’ government is infected with these people who have no understanding of how things work or how to actually make a difference.

Not entirely fair. In comparison to NZ population demographics, Maori and Pacific Islander peoples are well represented in NZ Parliament, while Asian and White European voters are comparatively under-represented. Our MPs are also relatively young — only 9% are 60 and over. Just because you have an old white men problem doesn’t mean we do … :wink:

It’s just ignorant people trying to control things they don’t understand.


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