Oakland A’s fire radio announcer for “accidental” racist slur

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He may or may not have intended to say that word at that moment in time. It doesn’t matter, though. I saw the video. That word rolled off his tongue waaaaaaaay too easy. It clearly was not the first time he’d said it, and I’d bet it wasn’t just the 100th time he’d said it. I have accidentally said ‘shit’ when I meant to say ‘shoot’, but that’s because I often cuss like a sailor, so I say ‘shit’ on purpose all the time. So when I’m in polite company and try to say ‘shoot’, sometimes it doesn’t come out that way. That would never happen with me with the word Kuiper used because I never use that word. Kuiper clearly uses that word.


My agreement is as hard as his “r.”

It just flowed; and this tidbit:

A person familiar with the investigation told the Associated Press that “the decision was based on a variety of factors, including information uncovered in the internal review.”

It reminded me of the infamous MLK weatherman. He didn’t mean to say it THIS time; but he’s meant to say it plenty of other times.


Glad he got fired.

If you do find yourself in KC and are a baseball fan, I hear the museum is really nice.



Yeeeeah, I can only think that that weatherman slipped up that way because his mind is used to him saying MLK’s name that way.


It is really nice. I visited it right after I moved to KC back in 2008. The American Jazz Museum right next door is also worth a visit. It’s also near Arthur Bryant’s, if you want some traditional Kansas City BBQ.


Arthur Bryant’s is my favorite for old school local KC BBQ. Their sauce has a lot of personality and sweetness that IMO makes it stand out.

I prefer Joe’s and Q39, but I like Arthur Bryant’s and Gates as well. Or Jackstack if I want a little more upscale. It’s hard to go wrong with KC BBQ, really.

ETA: Dammit, now I want BBQ and I live in New Jersey. Ugh.

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