Obama appoints RIAA's man in Congress to House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet


Please correct the headline! In the US, the president has nothing to do with House committee membership. Separation of powers and all that. You are thinking of a parliamentary system.


I was just thinking I was through with voting until I saw your comment.

Still might be.

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Yeah, I came here to say that. The interesting thing is that the linked article doesn’t mention Obama at all, even in passing: this weird misconception about how the Legislative branch works is all Cory’s invention.

… oh, also: it’s the House subcommittee. Being the ranking Democrat on a House subcommittee is effectively meaningless in these days of complete Republican unanimity and the Hastert Rule. Even if he’s as bad as everyone fears, Nadler won’tbe making any decisions on the committee for at least three years (unless the Democrats take the House in November, which precisely no-one is predicting will happen).

PS: Cory’s story about how every time it looks like the subcommittee might do some good it is dissolved, and resurrected later with a more malign membership? That story refers to something pretty disgusting that did happen … one time. So, whence “every time”?

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Thanks for the correction. It’s good to be clear on exactly which set of corporate dicksuckers are responsible.

Obama, Congressional Dems, Congressional Reps, that’s a huge range of tongue techniques.

Lots of errors lately.

All one of them. Shut up!

Also relevant to this subcommittee’s jurisdiction (and Cory’s political views): Nadler has been one of the most prominent critics of the Patriot Act. See e.g. So: maybe he’s a “copyright maximialist,” but probably not “loony, Internet-hating, censorship-happy.”

There is a lot wrong with politics, but caricatures of anyone who disagrees as some kind of monster don’t make things any better.

It’s kind of par-for-the-course with Cory posts anymore.

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