Obama snubs NYC's Waldorf Astoria hotel over China bugging fears, scream tabloids

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Or he realized that staying in the center of town messed up everyone’s commute but if he stays next to the UN the rest of us can go about our business.


I mean, we’d do it, why wouldn’t they?


Couldn’t he just commute from DC?

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He usually comes up to the UN for a few days each year, it’s a long haul. Plus, then they already have a sitter set up and can get out to a Broadway show.


Man, that still makes for a right mess, though.
I was in town when there was a big meeting at the UN in 2009 and had to leave on one of the days. 1st and 2nd Ave were closed between like 39th and 49th. Getting up and over the 59th Street Bridge was interesting.

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He’s missing a golden opportunity to “quietly” discuss, within bug-hearing, the zombie plague in Alaska, the secret project to tunnel through the center of the Earth, and that “thing” they found at the South Pole.


Snark is awesome, but really, if you were the government of China, and you could bug the President of the United States, would you pass? How do you say, in Chinese, “naah, he’s probably boring.”


Only that’s it an old US hotel chain with new chinese owners we’re talking about - the chinese government doesn’t own the hotel.

But exactly this leap of reasoning will bite US tech companies in the ass in the coming decades.
“It’s just MS/Google/Apple not the US government having your data (center). Yeah but …”


The U.S. government spends countless billions on spying / counter-spying and associated agencies and technologies but can’t detect a few (possible) bugs in a presidential suite at a hotel? I feel safer already.

fears, scream

Wow, it doesn’t take much to make a possible caution into something quite sensationalistic!

Sweating bullets, PopoBawa clasped its seatbelt with a shaking hand. No doubt paralyzed by the terrifying prospects of imminent carnage due to unfold at any number of inevitable auto collisions. “Well-reasoned risk assessment is for unemotional robots or milquetoast wimps”, PopoBawa commented, “and we’re going for broke here!”

No, because the fucking metro’s red line is probably on fire (speaking chemically or electrically) or utterly jammed to the gills because the trains are running late or certain stations are being skipped, and MARC is slow as fuck because it’s too hot and the rails won’t handle more than one or two trains every twenty five hours and the Amtrak isn’t safe because it crashes about as often as my nephew’s Tonka truck. WHY DC, WHY?!? And for extra rage points, Baltimore is still trying to figure out “rapid buses” and that newfangled technology the science people call “functional streets”.

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