Obsessively checking election results? Here's raw data from the API powering the New York Times’ election site

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This is a great resource. That NC data looks… odd.

If you hover over the column headings, it will tell you what they mean.

I deduced this immediately, but mention this in case people stare at it, perplexed. Which I totally did not do.

So it’s the exact same back end data as the NYT website but without the helpful front end user interface? Sign me up!

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No, it’s got a full history. The NYT website shows only the current status.

Looking through the spreadsheet-style results from Arizona, as Biden’s lead is whittled away hour by hour, told me a lot more than regularly refreshing the wet site.


6 minutes ago Biden 39,769 227,871 6,666 Biden 41.1% / 58.9% Trump Trump is averaging 57.9% Trump needs 58.00% [-0.005%]


OK I’ll give you history is useful, but speaking as a geographer, spatial context is king. A map is worth a thousand charts. It’s not really when the votes come in that matters, it’s where they’re coming from.


ssh, you are going to crash it…

It’s fine.

This site is excellent. Great, no BS presentation of the up to date data I really care about right now.

After watching days of excruciating and repetitive analysis by TV talking heads when all I want to know is are we winning or not (and by how much), this site delivers.

“Doing a lot of cocaine? Try freebasing!”

You cruel, cruel man.

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